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If You Really Want Something And Decide That You’ll Get It, You Will

If You Really Want Something And Decide That You’ll Get It, You Will

As a little girl, I’ve always wondered. What makes people successful?

Is it their money? Their luck? Their charisma?

Are they really smarter and better than the rest of the people?

It was a big dilemma of mine. And I was baffled for quite some time. But as time passed me by and I grew older, I got it. Successful people aren’t always as lucky as we think. They aren’t always better than some people. They are not always gifted.

In most cases, these people are just normal individuals, like you and me. The difference between them and other people is that they are not afraid to chase their dreams. They are not afraid of failures, changes, setbacks, obstacles, challenges. They are determined and resourceful. But most importantly, they believe in themselves. They have faith, even when the entire world turns against them.

That is why they live the lives of their dreams. Because they are brave to ask for the things they want.

The truth is, there’s no magic wand or spell that will help you achieve your wildest dreams. There is no big mystery to it. You just have to want something so much that you will be ready and willing to literally do anything to make it come true. You’ll cross mountains and swim entire oceans if you have to, but you will find a way to do it.

I know it sounds impossible, but here’s something else for you to chew on.

Anything, and I mean literally anything is possible if you believe. Full stop.

There are millions and millions of people out there living the dream. And trust me, not all of them had the luck to grow up in a happy and wealthy environment. Some of them had nothing and still managed to work with that.

You can do it too. You just have to… well, believe.

Here are 7 ways to turn your dreams into reality:

1. Want it badly. It’s really that simple. If you are going to push through some of the most terrifying obstacles in your life, there has to be more than a will in you. You have to be filled with excitement about the thing you are going after.

2. Dream big. Envision it in your head. Imagine what life would be like if you had what you dreamed of. Sweet, isn’t it? Now, manifest those dreams!

3. Work hard and become good at it. Make a decision that you will make that dream come true and then work your ass off to actually do that.

4. Believe it. Believe that you can. That no matter what the world says and no matter how much people doubt you, you can and you WILL. It sounds pretty simple, but it requires a lot of faith in yourself.

5. Stop negotiating with yourself. Stop postponing the decision making process for tomorrow. Stop being afraid of what might happen. Stop negotiating with yourself. Stop wasting time on overthinking and move forward. Whatever it is that is waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel is good for you. Embrace it.

6. Ignore the naysayers. Have in mind that people will always discourage you. They will always try to put you down and hold you back from achieving success. You have to find a way to disconnect from that toxic energy in your life. Ignore their fears and insecurities and keep walking forward. You’ve got this.

7. Get rid of your expectations. You have to understand that life won’t always go as planned and things won’t always be pinkish. Sometimes, it will push you down. Not everything that you experience on your journey will make sense. Not everything will help you get closer to your dreams. But it will definitely help you learn some of life’s important lessons. Remember to drop your expectations on your way to achieving your dreams. That’s the only way you’ll pursue everything your heart ever desired.

Stephanie Reeds