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If You Care About What Others Think About You, You Will Always Be Their Prisoner

“If You Care About What Others Think About You, You Will Always Be Their Prisoner” is locked If You Care About What Others Think About You, You Will Always Be Their Prisoner

Oh, people… We are so obsessed with the opinions of others that very often we forget to live. We forget to live life the way we truly want to. Without any limitations, without any inhibitions or shame. We forget who we are. We forget what our real purpose is.

We are so worried about what others think or say about us that we bend over backward to get them to like us. Up to a point where we no longer recognize ourselves. We beat ourselves for saying something different thinking that our colleagues will hate us. We are afraid to make a mistake worrying that others will think we are stupid. We carefully pick what we’re going to wear and what mask we’re going to put on today because we desperately want to look good in the eyes of others.

And so, we forget the most important truth there is.

People’s opinions have very little to do with us and everything to do with them. Their judgments, their character, their life, their insecurities, and their expectations.

Here are 7 powerful methods to shift your mind, stop worrying about what others think and focus on improving your life:

1. Remind yourself of your values. Being aware of your core values is like having a bright candle illuminating your path in a dark tunnel. Stay behind your decisions. Protect your beliefs. If you really want to do something, do it for your sake, not for the sake of being noticed and praised. Stay authentic and don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

2. Stay in your business. Your reaction to people’s actions is your responsibility. Getting frustrated because your coworker is late finishing their work is your business, not theirs. What other people think or feel is their job. What you think or feel is entirely yours. Don’t blame others for the way you feel.

What Others Think About You

3. Take full ownership of your feelings. If you want to change how people’s actions make you feel, you need to change yourself. You need to work on yourself and find the root of your insecurities. Believe it or not, the only person who can hurt yourself is you. Take control of your feelings.

4. Do your best. But don’t waste your life beating yourself up for being imperfect. Having high standards of yourself and constantly criticizing for not being good enough will get you nowhere. Remember, doing your best doesn’t always mean chasing perfection. It means doing your best at the moment.

5. Embrace yourself with all of your imperfections. Hug your flawed self and accept every single part of you. Every scar, every fear, every insecurity, every wound, every demon, every imperfection. Learn to look at yourself in the mirror without despising every broken fragment of your soul.

6. Learn from your mistakes. Accept the fact that you are just a human being who isn’t programmed to always do everything by the book. More importantly, accept the fact that sometimes no matter how much you try, you will make mistakes. It is in our human nature. Instead of criticizing yourself for your mistakes, try and learn from them. See them as your lessons rather than your failures.

7. Find what makes you happy. Seek out what lifts your spirit and makes your eyes sparkle. Find what gives you strength and motivation to move forward. Remind yourself of how much you are worth. Keep doing the things that make you feel like yourself.

Stephanie Reeds