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I Want A Partner Who Will Totally Give A Shit About Me


I love my single life, but sometimes I think how life would be so much easier if I had a partner, someone who will be by my side through good times and bad times. Someone with whom I can build a solid future. Someone who will love me and care about me with the same passion and intensity as I will for them.

I think we all need a partner to hold our hand and be with us when our world seems to be crashing down. Someone who will tell us that everything is going to be okay.

However, it is not so easy to find that someone. Sometimes it takes a whole life of mistakes and errors. It takes pain and heartbreak. Sometimes it will be extremely hard to let someone into our life because we’ve built walls around us that are so high to protect us from potential pain because we’ve been hurt many times before.

As for me, I am guilty of putting myself out there and giving way too many chances to people who didn’t deserve me. Now I know that I want to find someone who will be on the same page us me. Someone who will love me and show me their love with actions not just words. I can no longer entertain people who only want me in pieces to fulfill their selfish wants. I can’t. It hurts so much.

I want a partner whose actions will speak louder than their words. I want consistency. I want trust. I want someone who will stick to their word.

I want someone who will genuinely care about how my day went and if I had a bad day, they will do whatever it takes to cheer me up. I want someone who will give me their jacket and turn the heat up in their car when I get cold. I want someone with whom I will never get bored talking about everything. And the most important thing is that they will do all these things naturally.

I want to settle down with a partner who actually gives a shit about me. Not with someone who disrespects me most of the time and is nice only when they feel they are losing me.

I am so done with playing games. I want someone who will love me for who I am and will be proud of me. I want someone who will happily introduce me as their girlfriend to their family and friends and not someone who will make me wonder where I stand with them.

I want someone with whom I can be completely myself. Someone who understands that relationships are hard, and we will have our differences, but who is willing to fight for us and our relationship.

Being with this person will feel as natural and simple as breathing. And everyone deserves to have a partner like this by their side.

Mary Wright