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I Really Don’t Give A Damn What You Or Anyone Thinks Of Me


Growing older, I learned that it doesn’t matter who we are and what we do in our lives, we can never expect to be liked by everyone. And this knowledge doesn’t need to change our perception of ourselves. Whether someone thinks good or bad about us, it’s only their opinion and it doesn’t define us.

So, I stopped wasting my time trying to make someone like me. If they are that shallow and lazy to decide they don’t like me even though they don’t know anything about me and also don’t give any incentive to he to know me – it’s their problem. I don’t bother with them.

If you are someone who speculates instead of getting to really know a person, you are not worthy of my attention. I don’t like that kind of people in my circle anyway.

And it’s funny if you think that what you think of me will affect me in some way. Don’t give yourself that much importance. If anything, it makes me feel sorry about you because I can tell you are missing out on all the benefits that come with truly bonding with people. Your connections are all shallow and you base your opinion solely on them which is utter nonsense. Get to know people first and then talk about them. And no, I am not saying gossip is good, but if you are going to talk about someone, at least don’t tell lies.

As for me, I learned not to let my value and my confidence decrease based on what someone thinks and says about me. I know my worth and my worth doesn’t depend on anyone.

You see, unlike you, I know that there is more to people than meets the eye. You can’t make a good judgment about someone who you don’t know well. It is simply not fair. However, I do believe that your lack of perception and fair judgment comes from issues you have within you, but I’ll leave it like that. I won’t speculate what it might be because I am not like you.

You have already decided you don’t like me before I even got a chance to become close to you. So, I don’t give a damn about you and your opinion of me! I am who I am. And the people around me who are close to me know that I am not the negative things you dare to say about me.

But, I won’t try to change your mind. I am in my own power and autonomy and honestly, I don’t give a shit about those who hate me. I live my truth regardless of how others feel about it. Because if I cared about what every single person thinks of me, I would be f*cked up.

You don’t pay my bills and therefore you have no right to tell me how I am supposed to live my life. I will always stay true to myself.

Mary Wright