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I Know My Worth And I Will Never Ever Let Anyone Disrespect Me Again


This is it. I am done. I am done giving second chances. I am done letting people get away with the way they treat me. I am done forgiving them. I am done being their puppet.

I know my worth and I will never ever let anyone disrespect me again.

I’ve made my mistakes, I admit it. For a long time, I’ve let people get too close to me and take advantage of my love and kindness. For a long time, I’ve let them cross my boundaries and disrespect me. I justified their actions and let them get away with their behavior. Why I did it, you ask? It was out of fear. Fear of ending up miserable and all alone. Fear of being abandoned. Fear of being unloved.

I was terrified of it all and I let myself go. I gave every part of myself to them just so I can feel something. Anything. Just so I can have someone I can call my friend. Someone who can be there for me. Someone who can understand me. Give me the love that I so desperately craved.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I expected. I didn’t feel the love that I so desperately needed.

Instead, I got hurt. Over and over again. By the same people.

I lived with that disappointment for a long time. Until one day, the pain finally subsided and I saw my life for what it really was. A nightmare. A living hell.

I couldn’t believe what I had turned myself into. That was the moment I decided to stop. Right there and there, I made my choice and promised myself that I will no longer be a part of this nightmare.

So, here I am. It took me some time to get my life together, to gain the strength that I needed and understand where I am headed, but here I am. I am alive and well and I know my worth. I know how much I am capable to give and I know what I deserve. I know what I want and I will never stop until I get it.

Most importantly, I will no longer put up with things that make me feel unworthy.

That is something I’ve promised myself. And I am willing to keep that promise.

For my own sake and my own happiness.

I refuse to let people take advantage of me and disrespect me in any way they want. I refuse to say yes to things that make me feel uncomfortable. I refuse to let others define my worth. I refuse to waste my precious time on them. I refuse to be quiet about things that I want to be loud about. I refuse to tolerate people who are rude to me. I refuse to let people get comfortable crossing my boundaries.

From now on, the only people who deserve a part of my life are those who respect me and accept me for who I truly am. No one else.

I am done looking the other way. It’s time to get to know the real me and give myself the love I so freely gave to other people. That’s the least I can do for myself.

Stephanie Reeds