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I Don’t Need A Man To “Rescue” Me From My Single Life. I’m Happy With It

I Don’t Need A Man To “Rescue” Me

Yes, I am single. And no, I don’t need a man.

I am happy with my single life and I don’t need a relationship to “save” me from it.

There is not a single void within me that needs to be filled. Thank you very much for your concerns, but I do not feel that I need another person to complete me. I am whole on my own.

Now, I am focused on myself. I am focused on building my career, on elevating and growing on every level. I am focused on my family and friends, spending time and sharing the love with them as much as I can.

And really, I can’t understand why not having a partner in my life implies that I want one? Why do people feel the need to tell me that I shouldn’t worry because one day I will find “the one”? What is with that? I don’t need to find “the one.” Because, hell – I am the one!

If I was interested in dating, I would be dating right now. But I am not. Not right now. That’s why it really annoys me when I hear people saying to me these stupid things. Why is being single still seen as an “illness” that only a relationship can cure?

And what gives the right to someone to keep asking you out just because they see you are single? When I dress up and go out with friends, I am going out to have fun with MY FRIENDS. Wearing high heels and a dress that hugs well my figure doesn’t mean that I want men checking me out. It means that I want to look and feel my best. I do it for me, not for others.

I don’t need you lecturing me on how unapproachable and arrogant I seem and because of that, I would never have a successful relationship. I neither asked you for your opinion nor do I want to be seen as a “relationship material.” I am who I am. And If you are getting unapproachable vibes from me, then there’s a reason for it.

I don’t need to be rescued. I don’t need a man to rescue me from my single life. I am enjoying it. What I am not enjoying is your dumb comments that I must find someone to love me and be there for me.

I love me. And I am there for me. And no – I WILL NOT die alone and miserable.

When I am ready for a relationship, it will be when I want it and not because of social pressure. I am a grown and mature woman and I know what I want.

And don’t get me wrong, this is not a man-hating post. I love men. I love bold, strong, and independent men. I love men who know what they want. I love mature and genuine men who don’t play games. It is that right now, I am not in the place in my life when I want to be in a relationship. I am just annoyed at our society that shames single ladies.

So, this goes to all my single ladies out there who feel like me – don’t let anyone dim your light! We shine the brightest! Cheers!

Mary Wright