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I Don’t Care If I End Up Alone – I’ll Never Settle For Less Than I Deserve

never settle for less

I’ve been raised to believe in love. Real, all-consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other kind of love. Hey, even I, myself am proof that true love exists. I’ve been lucky to be born in a loving and harmonious family and raised by people who made sure I learned the meaning of true love from a very young age.

I’ve been taught to never stop searching until I find the person who won’t be afraid to show me what real intimacy really means. To never settle for anything less than things that fill my heart with joy. To never give up on love until I feel those precious butterflies. 

In a nutshell, until I experience REAL intimacy.

The most profound and spiritual connection that one can have with another human being.

So, hear me when I say that I don’t care if I end up alone… All I know is that I will never let myself settle for less than the real thing.  I will never accept a make-believe relationship.

Sorry, but I’ll never be the woman who settles for…

1. Someone who hides his real feelings from me. Because I am not interested in playing games. I want a real man who will commit to me. Someone who won’t be afraid to open up his soul and let me look at what’s really in there. I want a person who will always be there, no matter how hard it is.

2. A person who has no respect for our relationship. I don’t want a man with hypocritical rules for our relationship. I don’t need a two-faced, immature, and self-centered asshole who becomes insecure about his intentions every time he’s surrounded by other women. I want a person who will respect me and prove to me that I am the only woman in his life.

3. Someone who doesn’t bother to invest himself in our relationship. No, I won’t accept a half-assed love. I will never say yes to a fake, pretended relationship. I’m looking for a person who can fully commit and invest in our love. No open-relationships, no one-night-stands, no wicked games. I’m not that kind of girl.

4. A person who discourages me and thinks the worst of me. I don’t need a person who considers my mild depression a laughing matter. I simply cannot be with someone who constantly puts me down and discourages me from achieving my dreams. I want to grow. I want to fly. And dammit, I will. I don’t care if I end up alone, I will never settle for someone who wants to control my life and shut my mouth forever.

5. Someone who is just too immature and selfish to take responsibility for his own actions. If you screw things up, I want you to apologize and take responsibility for your actions. I don’t need someone who doesn’t want to own up to his own mistakes.

6. An inconsiderate person who blames me for every problem he has. I don’t want someone who will criticize me and accuse me of holding them back. I won’t settle for a person who decided to be with me out of convenience. I don’t need someone who takes me for granted. I need a man who believes in me and my ability to motivate him.

7. Someone who desperately tries to control my whole life. What I want to do with my body or my life is up to me. I don’t need a partner who’ll behave entitled and empowered to control my life. I am the only creator of my destiny. No man will ever take that away from me.

8. A manipulative person who makes me doubt my own ability to decide what’s wrong or right. Because I know my worth. I’m aware of my abilities. I’m aware of my weaknesses and strengths. I know what I want, and I know how to get it. So, if you think that putting me down will help you become a bigger man, you’re in denial.

Sorry, but I’ll never be with someone who won’t respect me.

I will never settle for someone who takes me for granted. This life is short enough as it is.

I won’t spend it in vain.

Image: Yuliya Bahr

Stephanie Reeds