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I Am No Longer Chasing After Love Because Everything You Chase Runs Away


I decided that I will no longer chase after anyone who doesn’t chase after me. I don’t want to put my time and energy into someone who doesn’t feel the same about me.

I am done. I am focusing on myself now.

Because I learned a lot about myself the past year. I learned that I am someone who changes the minute I start liking someone. The moment I enter a relationship with someone I am losing myself by desperately trying to obtain their love and approval of me.

I realized that I can quickly make my love interest the center of my world, driving myself crazy wondering what they think of me, do they love me, and obsessing over whether they will decide to leave me someday.

During this epiphany, I also realized that all I really have is myself.

So, I will start doing the things that make me happy and fulfilled rather than being in a relationship just to fill a void within me.

I decided to fill my life only with positivity and not depend on someone exterior to me to make me happy. I, myself, am responsible for my own happiness. No one else.  

Moreover, I learned that investing in myself is the best investment and that I should focus on my goals and self-improvement rather than chasing after someone who doesn’t meet me halfway.

Also, I know that I won’t have to chase the person that is meant to be in my life because they’ll be there regardless. I will never again waste my time or energy on meaningless relationships.

Because I’ve learned the hard way that if someone doesn’t want to be in your life, nothing you will do or say will make them stay. This was a hard pill to swallow but it was one of the most important lessons for me.

The right one, the person who is meant to stay with me, will be as equally invested in our relationship as I am.  

I am not settling for anything less than that. I will never again ignore my instincts and give my heart to someone who is only doing the bare minimum to keep me around.

No more compromising my standards for someone who is not sure whether they want to be with me.

No more giving second-chances to someone who decided to walk away from me.

This is not easy for me, but I am slowly learning to be stronger every day. Luckily, I have my loved ones to love me and give me hope that the best is yet to come.

Mary Wright