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How To Release Your Body And Soul From Emotional Pain And Start Healing Yourself

How The Release Your Body And Soul From Emotional Pain

Tell me, do you consider yourself an emotionally open human being? Are you in touch with all of your emotions? Have you seen the best, the worst and the ugliest parts of your soul?

Most of you will say yes to this question. And some will be right. But the majority of them will be terribly wrong. Including me.

You see, not long ago, I was one of those people who thought that I have everything under control. I actually thought that I know myself. I believed that throughout my life, I’ve spent a decent amount of time working on myself to become fully aware of who I am.

But after a few unfortunate experiences, I realized that it was all an illusion. I never really knew who I am. I never really bothered to dig deeper and reveal all of those parts of me that never knew existed. I realized that I had a shit-ton of suppressed emotions inside of me that sooner or later, were bound to burst out of me in the worst way possible.

The reason I am telling you this and the reason  I said that the majority of you who answered yes to my question will be wrong is because we all deal with this issue.

The truth is, we all have emotions that we suppress. We all have traumas buried deep down inside of us. No matter how much we all like to believe that we are emotionally open, not all of us have properly dealt with their demons.

We believe that we have, but reality shows us otherwise.

You, me…WE are full of hate, shame, anger, fear, judgment, envy. As time passes, all these emotions accumulate in us in many different ways. However, the biggest problem is not the fact that they are a part of us. The biggest problem is that most of us avoid dealing with them. And so, as a result, they get trapped inside our bodies where they eventually build and fester, draining our energy, filling our bodies with toxicity and ultimately leading us to a life of misery.

All of this is unprocessed emotional energy that is stored in our minds and souls as well as in our organs. Here are 3 ways to release yourself from it and start healing:

1. Identify the emotion and feel it inside your body. Becoming self-aware of how you feel is the first essential step to healing. The goal is to analyze yourself and notice the changes in your body and mind. To accept whatever comes your way, to feel it fully and embrace it without being afraid of what might come next. Practicing mindfulness is the best way to become better at recognizing your emotions and the meaning behind them. You have to feel it to heal it.

2. Express your emotions. Once you identify your feeling, the next obvious step is to express them by moving the energy of the emotion through your body and then out of it so you can let everything go. We all have different ways of expressing our emotions. I may find crying extremely liberating, but then you may feel better after talking to a friend. There are no rules here. You do whatever makes you feel good. Scream into a pillow, go for a hike, walk, run, dance it out, cry as loud as you can, stay silent for a day – whatever makes you free and at peace at the moment, do it.

3. Reset and start healing yourself. When you haven’t been taking care of your wellbeing for a long time, it is essential to find the time and start focusing on your growth. As I already said, the solving of every issue starts by first identifying it. Once you become aware of it and embrace it, it becomes easier to finally rededicate to self-care. The ultimate goal here is to get in touch with yourself and take charge of your own healing. Find out what makes your heart sing, what nourishes your mind and what awakens your spirit. Give yourself time to indulge in life’s simple pleasures and notice how your world slowly changes for the better.

Stephanie Reeds