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How to Properly Use an Eye Massager for Relief

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Countless people suffer from eye-related problems. For some, it’s a matter of dark circles and other types of discoloration under or around the eyes. Others experience those dreaded under-eye bags that can come from age, allergies, lack of sleep, and other issues. On top of that, an estimated 70 percent of people suffer from eye strain due to staring at computers and phones for hours on end. That creates an entirely different set of problems. While people have been on a constant search for a remedy for all those issues for quite some time, many have yet to find one. At this point, though, eye massagers are showing a great deal of promise. 

What You Need To Know About Eye Massagers

If you’re considering an eye massager for relief from those previously mentioned problems, you’re not alone. Numerous people have invested in these tools at present, and more are sure to do so moving forward. Before delving into such a solution, though, it’s best to do some research to fully understand what they are, how they work, and other important points. Take a look at the following factors to consider before using an eye massager from Renpho.

What Types of Eye Massagers are Available?

Several types of eye massagers are on the market, but they fall into two basic categories: manual and electric. With manual models, you simply rub or roll the massagers over the problem area. They’re typically equipped with crystals or stones, such as gua sha. This type of stone has been in use for centuries and is believed to alleviate numerous issues related to pain and inflammation. 

Electric massagers, on the other hand, have more complicated components. They’re built with motors, and some can even play music. Different models have different features. Some apply heat or pressure to the eyes whereas others offer sonic vibrations. Certain options provide combinations of those features. Instead of manually massaging the eyes, users simply don these devices and allow them to work their magic.

What Does An Eye Massager Do?

As touched upon earlier, eye massagers can apply heat, pressure, vibration, or all these techniques to the eyes. They’re designed to help relieve under-eye bags. This all-too-common puffiness can be caused by various issues, such as weakened connective tissues under the eyes and build-ups of fluid. Massagers are believed to reduce swelling under the eyes and allow fluid to drain. Massagers may also aid in reducing dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. They may help relieve headaches and tension stemming from eye strain as well.

How To Use an Eye Massager

Having said all that, using an eye massager properly is the key to its effectiveness. Most experts recommend using these tools for 15 minutes or so per session. They can safely be used every day. If desired, manual models can be used in conjunction with under-eye serums and creams. You can use skin care products designed to target the issues you’re experiencing. During the first few uses, though, be sure to watch out for skin irritation and other adverse effects. Some people are more sensitive to skin creams and serums than others. That’s particularly true when it comes to the tender skin underneath the eyes.

Alleviating Eye Problems

Several tools and products are available for people who are living with eye issues like strain, signs of aging, and puffiness. Not all of them offer the level of effectiveness people are looking for. Still, quite a few people insist they’ve experienced satisfactory results with the use of eye massagers. If this sounds interesting to you, think about whether you’d like to use a manual model or an electric one. Though electric versions are more expensive, people say they’re easier to use and offer more features. 

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