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Prestigious Yale University Offers Free Online Courses On Various Topics Taught By Top Quality Scholars

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We have some good news to share, Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, offers free online courses for anyone in every country in the world. They cover different types of academic fields and majors, such as Physics, Economics, Sociology, Math, Music, English, and Engineering, free of cost and no registration is required.

What is more, this includes taking one of the most popular courses in this University, The Science of Well-Being, which is adapted for online classes. (1)

Yale University Offers Free Online Courses

Yale University is a large research university that offers various programs and it is the third-oldest institution in the United States, based in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established by a colonial clergyman that wanted to establish a local college based on the principles of European liberal education. It was named after a Welsh merchant Elihu Yale, who donated books and some of his goods to the school.

All Yale free online courses are taught by top-quality scholars and professors at Yale University.

The main goal of all these free online courses is to give free access to some education materials to everyone who wants to learn and listen. They are available in different formats, such as text transcripts, audio, and video formats.

All videos are of high quality, and you can download them as a video, or if you like, you have only an audio option. You can also search for transcripts that are available for each lecture.

They are recorded in Yale University classrooms and cover a wide range of timeless topics, and professors share their own points of view and interpret one particular field of study to inspire your own critical thinking.

On the Yale University website, there is no official degree, certificate, or course credit available.

However, their summer online classes do offer you to earn credit and extensive interaction with professors. (2)

How Do You Get Free Classes At Yale? 

You can apply online at the following link: https://coursesity.com/university/yale.

It is just as simple as signing in and learning at your own pace, without the usual stress you can get from formal education.

Yale Coursera Courses Are Free Of Charge

During the enrollment process, you will see that the online courses are free, and you can listen to and watch the recorded videos for no cost at all.

However, if you want to get a certificate on completion, graded assignments, and quizzes to practice it, you have to pay for it. If you have financial problems or you need a scholarship, you can always apply through the course home page and fill out the application with your information about your financial condition, career goals, and educational background. (3)

You Can Get A Full Scholarship At Yale University On Basis On Your Financial Need

The scholarship is a gift aid that does not need to be repaid, and when it comes to Yale University, it comes into 3 categories: 

1. Yale Scholarship

This scholarship is a gift, and it doesn’t need to be repaid at all. It is undergraduate financial aid that meets the full needs of a student who is undergraduate regardless of their nationality, citizenship, or immigration status. Students usually come from socioeconomic backgrounds and having in mind that financial circumstances vary from student to student, the University staff makes reviews each application independently. 

The usual Yale needs-based scholarship is $51,500, but for some students can go up to $70,000 per year. 

The table below states the median scholarship for families with different annual incomes in 2023 who applied for first-year students:

Class of 2023 First-Year Students

Annual Income Range Median Net Cost* Median Scholarship Percentage Who Qualified for Aid
Less than $65,000 $2,850 $76,925 100%
$65,000-$100,000 $5,701 $70,217           99%
$100,000-$150,000 $15,528 $60,295 99%
$150,000-$200,000 $29,721 $46,326 95%
$200,000-$250,000 $42,964 $31,196 79%
Greater than $250,000** $43,704 $28,881 25%

From the table above, we can see that students that come from families with an annual income lower than $65,000 can be qualified for a full scholarship from Yale University. 

2. Entitlement grants

These grants are government grants and are usually awarded by state agencies, the federal government, or some other agencies that are not related to Yale University. This grant may include a merit component, but not necessarily.

Types of grants included are:

  1. Benefits for employer tuition
  2. Association Scholarships or Yale Club
  3. Federal Pell Grants and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
  4. State grants 

3. Merit-based scholarships

You can apply for this scholarship from another organization because Yale doesn’t usually offer them, so you should look for some potential financial award sources such as:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Employers
  • Private companies

If you want to receive this financial reward, you should meet certain criteria linked to your performance in some field of special interest like music, sports, academics, etc…

Yale University also encourages students to try to get an outside aid award, which will significantly eliminate the payment and cover the Student share.

Some scholarships may also pay the cost of student’s medical insurance for specialty care and hospitalization (Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage), although the University campus provides you with primary care services for free,

This type of scholarship is Gates Millennium Scholarship and NCAA Grant, which is funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 1999. (4

In some cases, the scholarship may offer a free computer for the student who is in need of it.

5 Top Education Online Platforms To Find Free Online Lectures

Besides free online courses from Yale University, you can take other free lectures on the web to improve your skills and knowledge and to see whether you have a natural ability for something you are interested in. 

We offer you 5 different resources for free online courses, which you can explore and just get a glimpse of what is offered there; something may catch your eye.

1. Open Culture

This is one of the best cultural media on the internet and features different collections of online programs with certificates and you will find more than 1700 free online courses from universities like Oxford, Yale, MIT, and many others on almost every topic you like, and you are interested in. (5)

2. The Best Colleges

On this site, you can get a peek inside some of the most prestigious universities and colleges. You will for sure find something that interests you from the list of 25 top Universities listed here and their free online classes and lectures. In just a few minutes, you will get an insight of some popular lectures on antient Greeks and their culture, Shakespeare or the fundaments of physics. (6)

3. Open Courseware

You can browse for free online courses online on this web platform founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on many engaging topics according to your needs. Each course includes a course syllabus, readings, and assignments, and most of the readings are available online, so it is not difficult to start with any kind of course. (7)

4. Academic Earth

On this platform, you can find lectures and free courses on different subjects from different colleges and experienced professors such as Stanford University, Berkley, and MIT. The lectures include topics such as Educational Software, Marketing Management, Political Psychology, and many others.

You have so much information at your fingertips, and it is up to you to decide how much and when you can study at your own pace. (8)

5. Course Marks

This is a search engine where you can find some free courses from top universities and dedicated and experienced educators. (9)

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