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7 Best Chair Exercises for Seniors

Chair Exercises for Seniors

Exercise is a great way to improve your health, even as a senior. It helps reduce the risk of certain health conditions and ensures that you stay active. As easy as it sounds, physical activity can be quite difficult for seniors as they combat the effects of aging. However, there are exercises that you can implement in your life that will improve your fitness level and even increase life expectancy. 

Chair exercises have proved to be a popular exercise program amongst older adults and seniors because it offers a number of health benefits. A chair workout is a low-impact resistance training that improves balance, strength, and flexibility. Whether you are active or have limited movement, these exercises are a great option for you. At LOAIDS.COM, you will find a collection of daily aids that can help seniors who are restricted with movement. (1)

In this article, we will explore some quick and easy exercises that will help you stay at your optimal level for a long time:

Raised Arm Extension 

Raised arm extension is one quick and easy routine that targets your shoulders, biceps, and lats. All you need to do is sit on a chair with your back straightened and your feet well apart. Once you are in position, you must extend your arm towards the sky and bring it back down. Repeat the same with the other arm to complete a rep and do around 20 to complete a set. 

Ankle and Wrist Rolls 

Ankle and wrist rolls are excellent exercises that improve blood circulation and mobility. To do this, you must sit on a sturdy chair with your back straightened and feet apart. Then you need to flex your fingers a couple of times which means you open and close them. Afterward, you should clench your fists and roll your wrists in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The same technique is also offered to your feet, where you curl and straighten your toes and then roll your ankles to make the most of your exercise. 

Toes and Heels Raise 

In this exercise routine, you begin sitting on a chair and your feet well placed on the floor. After getting into position, you need to lift your toes while your heels are still on the floor. Hold it for a moment before you bring them back to the floor. Then do the same process again, but this time lift your feet while your toes are still touching the floor. Do this around 15 times as it will improve your calves, ankle extensors, and so on. 

Seated Hip Marches 

Performing this exercise improves your flexibility and mobility as it targets your hips and abdominal muscles. We start with you sitting on a chair and feets placed flat on the ground. Then you take the support of the slides or the armrest of your chair and lift your right leg with your knee bent. It should be similar to doing a high-knee march, and once you comfortably lift your leg, lower it with control and repeat on the other leg.

Sit to Stands 

Another excellent chair workout you must try is the sit-to-stand, which can be slightly challenging but brings exceptional results. Begin by sitting comfortably on a chair as you would typically do, maintaining a good posture and toes facing forward. Stretch your arms forward while in your sitting posture and move from sitting to standing. Repeat this for ten reps, as it will build muscles in your hips and legs. 

Seated Jacks 

Jumping jacks is a great exercise that can be done while seated. It is well known to improve strength and endurance, even in chair exercise. Let’s start with sitting on a chair, but this time slightly forward. Make sure you are not at the edge but have proper balance and stability before you begin. Extend your legs forward, making a V while sitting with your arms towards the ceiling, creating a V as well. After that, return to your original position and repeat; however, if moving both arms and legs is confusing or complicated. You can consider separating them as two sets as per your comfort. 

Seated Twists 

This exercise routine is where you target your obliques and is often considered a medium difficulty level. To do this, you sat on a chair comfortably and clasped your hands together in front of you. Then you focus on your clasped hands and twist your upper body side to the site while your feet are flat on the ground. This routine may get you dizzy if you do it too fast, so start slow and gradually find the rhythm that works best for you. 


These are several chair exercises that you can do as a senior at home. While they are quite effective in improving your quality of living, make sure that you choose a sturdy chair and avoid folding chairs or chairs with wheels. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately and get it checked by your doctor for further diagnosis. If you are interested in asserted living, this guide will tell you everything you need to know and help you get started. (2)

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