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How to Make Better Relationship Decisions & Keep Your Relationship Healthy

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Life is all about decision-making. From the things we consider not so important, like what to eat, to the ones we consider the most important of all, like who to marry. We get to a certain point, and making further decisions becomes an arduous task, especially when it comes to relationships. Many relationships have hit rocky times because of expectations brought into the relationship that were not met.

Is your relationship becoming more complicated than you envisaged? Are you at a crossroads in your relationship, and you think you need clarity on some things? Or is everything under control, but you just seem to be having cold feet relationship for some unknown reason?

Whether it’s difficulty with getting along well or cold feet, needing clarity on deep matters, or dealing with unending arguments in your relationship, couples therapy might just be the missing part of the puzzle. 

But first, let us consider a few tips on how to make better relationship decisions. 

3 Tips on How to Make Better Relationship Decisions

1. Identify the Reason

There is always a reason for whatever happens. So, what is the reason for wanting to make a better relationship decision? Is it as a result of red flags, financial incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, or something else? Whatever the case, take time to identify your ‘why’. With your why identified, you’re halfway to making a better and more informed relationship decision. 

Taking your ‘why’ with you to couples therapy New York can be the best first step in starting therapy and building a healthier relationship. 

2. Pay More Attention to Red Flags

Relationships are meant to be greatly enjoyed and not greatly endured! Often, you keep accepting what you’re uncomfortable with because of the thoughts of what will happen to you, how your partner will feel, or even the thought of being alone. 

Whatever you cannot change or stop now, will not change or stop later. It’s that basic. Love is not blind but very clear. The slowest poison to relationships, in the long run, are red flags that we turn blind eyes to. 

Relationships should be a safe haven where partners can be themselves and be vulnerable to one another. But if you ever have to pretend around your partner to make them happy, then it’s a red flag for you. There is no sickness without an underlying cause. Most of the full-blown challenges that are experienced at the peak of relationships have always been there. So, take time to really watch out for red flags that pose as deal breakers, and do something about it!

3. Pause, Reflect and Strategize

Sometimes, all you need to do is take a break and see things from a distance. Dealing with another person can be a bit of a handful, especially when your personalities greatly contrast. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed and things seem to be getting out of hand, it’s time to pause, reflect and restrategize. 

Taking a pause doesn’t necessarily mean ending things, even though it could lead to it. Be open to your partner about why you need to take things slowly. It could even be hours, days, or weeks of distance to enable you to see things without being biased or influenced by your partner. 

You could also consider visiting couples therapy to begin to resolve any underlying issues. 

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3 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Everyone wants a partner that makes them feel loved and respected in every way. So, besides making a better relationship decision, it is vital to keep things healthy. Let us look at three ways to keep your relationship healthy.

1. Identify Your Love Languages

Sometimes, all it takes to keep a relationship healthy is communicating with your partner in their love language. Love is not just by mere words. It is an expression that translates to actions. 

Do you know your partner’s love language(s)? How well do you communicate with your love languages? When you identify your partner’s love languages and your partner identifies yours, you will both be free from assumptions and wrong love expressions. Everyone is happy, and the relationship is healthy and smooth.

2. Create Fun Time

What is life without fun and relaxation? Spice things up. Take some time to go for a vacation, picnic, and outing. Be as free as possible. Play like that’s all there is to life. 

Fun times are a great time to unwind and be free. So, be deliberate about your relaxation because, ‘‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, all play and no work make Jack a mere toy.’’

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3. Communicate Effectively

The role of effective communication in a relationship cannot be displaced. In fact, communication is the salt of any functional relationship. It sustains the flow and fun in relationships. 

Be honest with your partner at every point in time. Feedback is very important, so do so with open and honest conversation. Suppose your partner does something you do not like, talk about it. S/he does something you love, talk about it. Be deliberate about communication.

If you feel like this is something you feel uncomfortable doing, try talking in a neutral space, such as a couple therapy session. 

Have a Better Relationship 

Following the tips in this guide will help you to keep your relationship healthy. If you feel like your relationship is beginning to crumble, work on these aspects and don’t leave it too long to consider couples therapy as a helping hand in making things work again. 

For more relationship tips and advice, check out the rest of our blog. 

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