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Tips on choosing your next fantasy book to read

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There’s something about fantasy books we can’t seem to put our finger on. Perhaps it’s the escapism they offer us in a world full of harsh realities or just the simple creative touch of their speculative setting; fantasy books are an experience to endeavor. While some of us have admittedly had a lifelong relationship with these reads, others are just now discovering the genre and on their way to learning how they’ll navigate this interest. The bridging gap for both these categories? A shared need for good fantasy books to feed their growing appetite. Fortunately, there is a fix for it- tried and tested hacks to finding the best fantasy books on the market.

Five effective tips to finding the perfect fantasy read

Frankly, one can never run out of fantasy books to read; the market is flooded with millions of them. The challenge, however, is finding one book that would be as fulfilling as the previous ones. If you’re embarking on your journey as a fantasy books enthusiast or expanding your endless list of fantasy books, wasting your time on a book that won’t resonate with you is never an option. And since, judging by the cover, only got us so far, we’ve resorted to seeking some structure in the book hunting process. Below, we look at five ways you can find your next fantasy read.

Narrow your search

With the genre already figured out, we’re looking at subgenres. Admittedly, fantasy is one of the widest genres in literary works, with some people counting up to 50 subgenres; this is an awful lot to cover. Nonetheless, your book rummage should start by going through these fantasy book subgenres, constantly pruning out anything that is not within your interest. If this approach sounds a tad bit too much for you, consider turning to your previous reads for inspiration; for instance, if your favorite read is 1984 by George Orwell or The Hunger Games, then your subject focus would be dystopian fantasy books.

Go by author

Diving into your favorite author’s work is always a good start when looking for fantasy books. Tap into your fantasy reading list, taking keen note of the books that stood out to you; who wrote them? Look up the authors and review some of their writings, particularly fantasy works. Don’t sweat it if you’re yet to discover your favorite writer, instead, reach out to friends, family, and colleagues with similar reading interests. Exploring this route will often help you discover fantasy books and authors deemed worthy by your inner circle- quite the catch.

Employ the internet

The internet is the beginning and end of all inquiries; with that, if you’re in the throes of hunting for your next fantasy read, this is the place to be. Utilize your search engine to spot some of the best fantasy writings on the market. For those considering this route, you must incorporate the subgenre, author names, and book titles you’re interested in for close to accurate suggestions. Alternatively, you can choose to google ‘read-alikes’ or ‘books similar to’ in your quest to speed up and streamline your search process.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the best-seller fantasy books list for some top-rated finds.

Join a platform

Lastly, join a fantasy book club or social media platform for a painless hunt. Ideally, book clubs are home to some self-proclaimed readers, with savvy admins consistently sharing book suggestions within your preferred genre. The other approach is turning to social media with an interactive post to find your next read; it could be anything, from a status post to a screenshot of your reading list with a pose for suggestions. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags for social media to find generic book matches.


Debating on what to read next has to be one of the most frustrating experiences for any reader. That uncertainty between whether or not you’ll find a good book and the daunting process of hunting through your options is enough to put anyone off. Nevertheless, most readers put up with the struggle to avoid sitting through painful hours of unfulfilling reads, and if this is where you’re at, this guide should be a lifesaver.

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