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How To Get Out Of A Toxic Situation When You Are Still In Love


Yes, you may love your partner, but the relationship has become toxic for you. You are hurting. You are in pain. You don’t sleep well, you don’t eat well, you just keep repeating the fights in your head. Why would you want to continue like that?

You keep on waiting for your partner to change rather than accepting the fact that people rarely (if ever) change. You just can’t understand how your partner could just ignore your needs and feelings like that when you have been giving them all that you have.

You refuse to give up on them because you have put so much time and energy into the relationship. You have done everything that is in your power to fix and save the relationship because you love them.

And now you know that it is time for you to leave. You are not the type of person who gives up on people, but in this case, you know deep in your heart that you must leave. You must leave this person because they are toxic to you.

The connection is killing you and if you don’t end it you might completely lose yourself.

You must learn how to let go of them.

This is one of the most difficult things. Letting go of someone you love can really be one of the most painful and tough things that you will do.

Let go of the constant fighting. Let go of the toxicity. Let go of the blows. Let go of the pain.

No one is worthy of your tears. No one has a right to tear you apart and then act as if nothing happened. Don’t allow them to see your pain. Walk away and start healing yourself from them.

You must realize that you deserve someone better.

Someone with whom you will have an equal give and take. Someone who will love you and care for you with the same intensity as you love and care for them. Your destined person. The love of your life.

Never be around a person who has shown you he is a hurtful person. If he has done it accidentally that’s one thing, but if they are hurtful on purpose – run away from them. They are not good people.

The one who loves you won’t ever hurt you on purpose. They will try anything to make you happy. Because when you love someone you want the best for them.

Leave the toxic person to allow the right one to come into your life.  

Yes, it will hurt. And it is going to hurt like hell. But you will get over it.

Once you accept the fact that you must leave that connection that no longer serves you, everything will become easier. Time works in your favor. Time will heal your pain.

You just need to stay strong and don’t lose hope.

When I had to say goodbye to someone very dear to me who has died, my grandmother said to me: Time heals everything. If the pain stayed the same with every passing day, then there wouldn’t be any living human beings on the planet. We would all have died from pain by now.

And I remember these wise words of my grandmother whenever I feel sad and hopeless.

You are allowed to cry. Cry your heart out. Scream if you want to scream. But leave the toxic person. Even though you love them. Even though your heart is breaking.

It will take some time until the sun will shine again, but it will. And you will be happy again. I promise.

Mary Wright