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How Sex Toys Livened Up A Lively Night Away For Both Of You

surprise each other

This is going beyond your wildest dreams. That girl you hooked up with on Tinder is the sort you can take away and have lots of fun with, for the foreseeable future. It’s always a bit hit and miss on that site, but this time you reckon that you’ve struck gold.

Neither of you are shy, you love weekends away, and partying, all without any commitment. Just how you like it, especially after it was quickly established that you both fancied each other rotten. You weren’t going to miss the chance, when she quickly dropped into the conversation that she was more than happy to have fun involving adult shop.

There was no need to worry about, all you need is love, as you’d spent too many nights when you can’t get no satisfaction, so the time was right for sexual healing, as you headed away to somewhere that you hoped would be heaven on earth before she was uttering those wonderful words, let’s get in on.

Only this time, it wasn’t just your urges, it included a couple of uniforms. You’d never seen yourself as a doctor, but you were more than ready to give it a go and give your patient a thorough examination, especially as she was dressed as a flight attendant. You were determined that your care would be supersonic while you decided to use all the tools of your trade as you decided that a little restraint would get her in the mood as you strapped her to the couch after putting on Pipedream Arm & Leg Spreader Bars with Cuffs, offering a side of her that you’d never seen before.

Now you were ready for anything, and your lover was showing obvious signs of arousal. It’s as well you packed those California Exotic Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps as you added bling to the bedroom. Next up was some action down below as she squealed like a penguin as you got to work on her using a Womanizer G-Spot Vibrator which came with pleasure air stimulation, but not as quickly as she did. After applying some work of your own it was time to let her go and see what she had in store for you as you needed punishing for being a naughty boy.

You weren’t let down as you soon found yourself not only struck off as a doctor, but being sucked off by a Squeezable Vibrating Masturbator while your lover whipped you from behind. It was payback time, and you loved every minute, especially the next bit as someone who doesn’t mind a bit of anal fun. It didn’t take much prompting for you to get ready in position as your partner put on a Dildo with Elastic Strap on Harness, applying lube, and then pegging you senseless. What a sport!

What a few hours, with the promise of much more to come. You’re now members of the company that offer a prompt and discreet service and cannot wait to surprise each other with more toys.

Felicia Wilson


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