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How A Man Chooses The Woman He Wants To Marry


What makes a man choose one woman over another? Is it because of her looks? Her performance in bed? Her charisma and interesting personality? What makes a man finally say that “this is the woman I want to be with my whole life”?

When it comes to choosing the woman they want to marry, great sex and stunning looks may not be enough. Yes, he might enjoy being with you and he may even have feelings for you. But, that is not enough for him to decide that you are the destined woman for him.

The main reason why men choose to marry certain women over other has nothing to do with what happens between you behind closed doors. It is an intuitive way of him feeling like you are making him a better man.

Yes. Men marry women who make them feel like they are becoming better men and who make their lives better.

It all begins when a man notices that everything in his life is better when he has you – his house is cleaner, he is happier, he is more passionate and encouraged to accomplish his goals.

However, it all goes deeper when he feels a need to take care of you and provide for you.

He will want to know your whereabouts. He will remember all the little details about you. He will care about your health and he will make sure that you have enough gas in your car. He will do all the little things that he never thought would be important to him.

Because he will care about your feelings, not about your looks. You will look beautiful to him in any way.

But how can you make a man feel this way?

The truth is – you can’t. You can only let it happen naturally.

It is all energetic. A man will fall in love with a woman who loves him, but she loves herself more. Many people would confuse this with confidence, but this is actually a different thing called self-love. You see, confidence is believing the things that you can do, and self-love is believing in who you are.

The next thing you need to remember is to allow love to happen. By allowing, I mean letting him help you when he offers his help. Don’t say that you don’t need his help and that you can do everything yourself.

Be comfortable with who you are. Be expressive when you are with him. Touch him. Hug him. Kiss him. Men are less expressive when it comes to their emotions, so they appreciate and feel closer to a woman who is physically showing her love for him.

So, try to make his life better, and most importantly – allow him to make your life better as well.

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