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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Being A Needy Girlfriend


Sometimes, society forces us to become chameleons and change our colors depending on the social situation we are faced with. The same goes for relationships. Whether it is a friendly one, or often a love relationship, sometimes it’s really hard to show our true selves.                                                  

From a very young age, we are thought that hiding our emotions is a sign of maturity. While, this is true in some forms of social interaction, for example, not raising your voice in public or showing impatience or anger, it shouldn’t be applied in the way how we show our affection. (1)

You should never feel embarrassed about being the first person who sends “good morning” texts. The right kind of person will feel delighted that they are the first person on your mind, just after waking up. Don’t be ashamed that you constantly worry about your partner, and care much about his safety or well-being. If he thinks that you are clingy, he probably does not deserve you.

Do you want to spend time with your loved one, as much as possible? Don’t be ashamed of that. It’s a sign of affection, not annoyance.

You have a soft and vulnerable side, and you seek for approval. You care for others, sometimes more than you care about yourself. And that’s the best characteristic that a person can have. So, don’t be sorry that you are needy. If they don’t understand you, then they are free to go.

Don’t feel belittled by their response

It’s their fault, not yours, that they lost a human side that you hold so dear. Emotional people experience a lot of pain and denial during a lifetime. So, if you have more than one of this unpleasant experiences, learn how to protect yourself from people that do not deserve you. They are the ones who are losing a big part of the simple life pleasures, hiding behind their shells. Cherish your own individuality and don’t be sorry for being kind.

Avoid the apologizing part  

Don’t apologize for being the sweet, naive girl, who just wants to make things right. Don’t let your delicate nature, make the wrong decision of feeling guilty. And what for? For wanting to provide love and affection, a comfortable environment and a place that feels like home?

No, you should never apologize for that. If the person next to you, do not respect this, do yourself a favor and dump the douchebag. Time is passing by so fast, that you will need to learn who deserves to receive this precious gift of yours. (2)

Let them miss you

As I said previously, a person with a good heart is hard to find these days. So, they will start to miss you. Definitely! Maybe they will try to make some lame apology, to get to you again or they will try to act neutral like nothing ever happened.

Whatever the opposite reaction may be, the important thing for you to know is that you are not replaceable. Once a guy acknowledges that he lost something so precious, he will try to find the same characteristics in a completely different person. But, he never will. Because sooner or later karma will find its way.

Try to remember this simple rule: You deserve only the best.

The famous Haitian-American writer Roxane Gay, once said: “I love, but I am not entirely sure how to be loved: how to be seen and known for the utterly flawed woman I am. It demands surrender. It demands acknowledging that I am not perfect, but perhaps I deserve affection anyway.”

And she was right. Everyone deserves affection, especially people like you, who share it without restraint. So, next time you catch yourself thinking: “Am I too emotional”, “I should stop caring this much” or “I start to feel like a burden”, stop for a second and remind yourself that you deserve a person who is equally warmhearted as you are. (3)

You deserve to receive the same energy that you emit. You also deserve to receive the exact same amount of love that you give so willingly.

David Smith