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8 Clear Signs That Prove You Are An Extroverted Introvert


I am an introvert (with extroverted characteristics), but I can easily adapt to new environments and settings where a lot of social interactions take place.

With that being said, I probably possess the best qualities of the two most distinctive and unrelated personality types.

But, it’s not always that easy. And sometimes, people easily confuse your tiredness with arrogance, friendliness with flirtiness and humbleness with being a hypocrite.  (1)                                                     

So, let me share with you the 8 clear signs of you being an extroverted introvert (just like me):

1. You don’t fancy the idea of having a small talk

Having a small talk, pretending that you actually want to hear people bragging about their everyday lives is literally killing you. What you actually want to hear is a deep, meaningful conversation about literature, psychology, the sole purpose of life and your existence in it.

2. When it comes to hanging out, you prefer a one on one meeting

Despite the fact that pretty much everyone thinks that you are social and ongoing, you probably want to hang out in smaller groups. Preferably, one on one with a person that you consider to be close and endearing. You don’t really like people that are trying to dominate in a conversation, in every possible way. Loud and invasive people are the ones you usually try to avoid.

3. You are bad at texting and you know it

People take this personally, but they shouldn’t. At the end of a long working day, your battery levels are at their lowest, so you want a time on our own. If you are sending short, direct messages, that doesn’t mean you are being rude to someone. It just means that you want to take a short break from everything and then head back to reality again. (2)

4. It’s hard for a friend to convince you to go to a party, but once they do, you know how to have a nice time there

All that process of preparing for a night out takes time and sometimes you are just too lazy for doing that. You want to indulge in your movie night session and forget about the usual life routine. However, if your friends step on your doorway with a strong, convincing rhetoric that you should join them, then chances are that you might have the best night of your life.

5. You don’t like flattery that much

The fact that you are great at making first impressions and easily adapting around new people while still having the high amount of empathy makes you a perfect match for a leadership role. Although this will exhaust you in no time, you are not prone to receiving compliments. The introverted side of you is always present and you like to keep to your modesty.

6. Talking is great, but sometimes you prefer silence

Might come as little confusing, but although you enjoy talking to different people, sometimes you need time to gather your own thoughts. This might come as impolite or even rude. Truth is, to achieve your goal of showing the best version of yourself, you need some time to collect the vital energy. And that will definitely take some time.

7. Your friendliness is easily confused with flirting

Because of your ability to show empathy and make other people feel better about themselves, you are often mistaken for being flirtatious. Maybe, the “Digital Age” holds the guilt for that, as more and more people don’t really know how to communicate in real time. Due to this, spontaneity and openness are often mistaken for a romantic interest. (3)

8. You live inside your own bubble, although many people do not notice

Your mind is always occupied with gathering and processing different information. Your introverted side, allows you to do strategic thinking and this can result in countless headaches. So, you act like a total nerd when you are in this mode. Overanalyzing everything is also a habit of yours that has the potential of causing new dilemmas. 

David Smith