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Here’s Why Intelligent People Socialize Less Frequently


It has been established that humans are social beings, who, without some kind of companionship, are likely to deteriorate both physically and psychologically. In fact, scientists have shown time and time again that social animals are very likely to die if left alone.

So, how come smart people crave alone time and are even better off with fewer people in their lives? What makes them different from the rest?

In a study that explored this phenomenon, it has been found that smart people do prosper when they socialize less and that this has to do with an evolutionary trait that we all might possess in the future.

While, as the study explains, most people feel more fulfilled and happier when they socialize, the effect of socializing on smart people was completely opposite. Being surrounded by people made highly intelligent individuals less productive, less happy, and more anxious.

So, what makes intelligent people different from the average person? According to the researchers, it’s the need to reflect and decompress that makes highly intelligent individuals crave alone time.

They can easily entertain themselves in any kind of environment, and being alone doesn’t make them feel bored. In fact, they need some extra time to focus on their goals and because of that, they choose to avoid the distraction of socializing.

Which is more, it’s a fact that smart people don’t hunt for anybody’s approval, or the company of others to feel valued or accepted. The calm and reserved nature of highly intelligent people makes them want to spend more time alone or with a select number of friends.

As the researchers speculate, this need for alone time may be a trait of evolution, as is the higher IQ. Humans needed to stay in groups in the past because they depended on each other for survival. However, with today’s advanced society, the need for socializing is something that intelligent people tend to lose.

Do you crave your alone time?

Mary Wright


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