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Here’s How Narcissists Band Together In Groups To Terrorize Their Victims


Normally, when we talk about narcissists we’re talking about an individual. We focus on one person’s disorder along with their wrongdoings. However, it may surprise you to hear just how common it is for a group of narcissists to get together. More often than not, they form a coalition to wreak havoc on the lives of others.

When this happens, the results can be even more destructive than when just one narcissist is involved. Here’s how narcissists band together in groups to terrorize their victims.

Working in Groups

The aim of a narcissist is quite often to harass or bully another individual. However, they won’t always do that alone. It’s far more efficient for them to enlist others to help them as well. So, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

This form of abuse is known as mobbing. It involves one or more people taking on the role of leaders who control the rest of the group. Then, the leaders get their chosen victims in the group to carry out their dirty work by verbally or even physically abusing them.

Sadly, this kind of dynamic can happen anywhere too. It can occur between friends, in the workplace, or within families. Whoever this toxic group may consist of, they will use their specific target to carry out their malicious desires. Because of that, the victims of it are often subjected to the most horrendous abuse and trauma.

They Will Use Any Tactics They Need To

By working in packs, these toxic people can use multiple techniques at once to terrorize their victim. They will blackmail them, exhaust them, shame them, tarnish their name, and do whatever they can to bully them. Likewise, they will also gaslight them so that they can convince them that they’re “crazy” for thinking that they’re being mistreated.

Through their abuse, the victim will learn to adhere to certain rules. They will realize that they need to stay silent, otherwise things could get much worse for them. Similarly, they often end up agreeing to carry out anything that the narcissistic group tells them to in hope that they will be treated more fairly. If, however, they begin to speak out or question the group, their abuse could get much worse.

How They Pick Their Targets

Narcissists want to be on top, no matter what. They want to be the best at everything, and they will not let anyone stand in their way. Understandably then, this is a huge factor that comes into play when groups of narcissists choose their target.

More often than not, they will decide to go after someone who they perceive to be a threat. This is usually someone who is more skilled than them in some way, more likable, or in a higher position of power. Likewise, they may also choose people who have a lot of enviable traits about them. These could be things such as being intelligent, attractive, ambitious, wealthy, or independent.

Sadly, the victims of this are normally kind people as well. The narcissistic group will use their sensitive nature and agreeability against them. In all honesty, they see them as much easier targets.

Narcissism isn’t always an individualistic problem. A lot of the time, it can run in group dynamics too. When that happens, the group will bully an individual and use them for their own gain. It’s all of them against one person, and that person will suffer horribly as a result.

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Eva Jackson