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Here’s Why Empaths Always Attract Toxic People And How They Can Break The Cycle


Empaths are known as the ‘healers’ of society. They understand everyone. They want to help everyone, and they only see the good in people. They feel other people’s emotions as their own, and this is why they truly believe that others are ‘good’ at heart.

They are responsible, and they never intend to hurt anybody. When they make a mistake, they are the first ones to apologize and admit to their mistake.

But, they make a mistake in believing that other people are as good, fair, and decent as they are.

There are people who don’t take responsibility for their actions. People who go on through life not caring whether they hurt someone or not. People who have entirely different motives, goals, and behavior patterns that are driven by a need for money, attention, or power that empaths can never understand.

There are people who place their needs above everything else in the world and they don’t care about the needs of others. Plus, they don’t feel a need to apologize because they don’t think they have done anything wrong.

And while not all people are narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths, most people can be toxic to the fragile soul of the empath, so they should approach everyone with caution. If the empath gets involved with any of these types of toxic people (it may be a romantic partner, a friend, a co-worker, a boss, or a family member), there is a great amount of abuse coming their way.

And the sad truth is that empaths attract toxic people because the goodness in them not only takes responsibility for their own actions, but they also take full responsibility for the behavior and the actions of the toxic people. Empaths always feel like everything that goes wrong in the relationship is their fault.

If empaths see that someone is angry, hurt, upset, or abusive they will immediately let themselves to believe that it is because of something they did and will try everything to fix the situation.

Empaths successfully free others of all responsibility while putting the blame on themselves. And the others? Well, they are more than happy to let them do that.

Moreover, they have learned how to successfully manipulate them and get an advantage of the empath’s gullibility. So, whenever the empath starts to see their bad behavior and confronts them, they quickly turn the situation in their favor, so it will become the empath’s fault once again.

What an impressive manipulative trick, right empaths?

So, fellow empaths, it is finally a time we reclaim our power and take matters into our hands! It is high time that we understand that we are not responsible for other people’s behavior and their actions. We are not responsible for other people’s feelings.


It shouldn’t be always us to fix the relationship. When someone is abusive and treats us badly, it is time to walk away from them. We need to understand that others may not be as empathetic and sensitive as we are. And this is okay.

Some people may not be inherently bad people, but they can be toxic to our well-being. And it is time to realize that we cannot do anything about it – we can only let them go.  

Mary Wright


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