Home Psychology Having A Strong Personality Makes You Stand Out In A Crowd

Having A Strong Personality Makes You Stand Out In A Crowd

Having A Strong Personality Makes You Stand Out In A Crowd

Have you ever been told that your personality makes other people feel uncomfortable and even intimidated?

Well, if you have, congratulations! That means you fit into the small category of people who have a strong personality.

It means you walk boldly through life. It means you exude confidence and mental strength. It means you don’t allow your insecurities and fears to stand in the way of your happiness and success. It means you’re not afraid to face any problem and pain and overcome any temptation life may throw your way.

Here are 7 distinct signs you have a strong personality:

1. You live your life the way you want to live it.

The only person who has the right and power to direct your life is you. And you’re well aware of it. That’s the reason why you don’t let anyone interfere with your decisions or plans for the future or tell you how you should manage your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. You simply live your life in accordance with your own beliefs, values, and principles.

2. You don’t tolerate ignorant people.

A lot of people say that you are quick-tempered, but the truth is that you can’t stand to be around immature, shallow, and ignorant people. When you’re around someone who fits these descriptions, you feel tense and drained. Such people make your blood boil, which is why you do your best to keep them at a distance.

3. You don’t make friends easily.

You don’t often make friends. But, this is not because you are unfriendly, but because you’re very careful about who you let into your life. Being aware of how fickle, selfish, deceitful, and manipulative people can be today, when it comes to forming friendships, your motto is “I’d rather stay alone than be surrounded by fake and negative people.”

That’s the reason why you have a very small number of people that you can call friends. But, what matters is that they’re all true and loyal friends and that they make your life better and easier.

4. Where other people see problems, you see solutions.

In your opinion, everything that happens in your life is a result of your actions. That’s the reason why you never waste your time and energy focusing on your problems. Instead, you focus on finding new, realistic, and effective solutions.

5. You don’t let your fears control your life.

Everyone is afraid of something. But, instead of letting your fears stand in the way of your happiness and prevent you from growing, you do everything in your power to face and overcome them. You perceive your fears as just one more obstacle that you need to overcome in life so as to become stronger and get where you want to be in life.

6. You can’t stand to play the victim role.

When you make a mistake or unintentionally say something hurtful to someone, you’re not afraid to admit it and make plans to correct it. You’re someone who always takes responsibility for their actions and who never plays the victim role so as to blame someone else for their own mistakes and bad behavior.

7. You aren’t interested in other people’s lives.

How other people live their lives, how many relationships or marriages they’ve had, what they spend their money on, or whether they’re more successful than you is none of your concern. That’s the reason why you see no point in comparing your life with the lives of other people.

Instead of wasting your energy wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side, you do your best to work on yourself and grow personally and professionally.

Riley Cooper