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Having A Partner Who Can Calm You Down Is What Makes A Relationship Worth Having

partner you should never let go

Relationships are complicated. It takes two mature individuals who are in love with each other and are willing to work together on their differences to make it work. We are always changing and growing. But, in the right relationship, we will be growing together with our partner and our love will be stronger each day.

Here are 10 signs that your partner is someone you can spend your life with.

1. They share your sense of humor.

Happy couples have fun together. Laughter is essential when it comes to healthy relationships. When you and your partner can banter with each other in a loving way, your relationship is golden.

2. They can calm you down.

There will come times when you will feel anxious and depressed. And during those times it is important to have a partner who can calm you down. Everyone has a bad day and can get emotional, but having someone next to you who can balance you and tell you that everything is going to be okay is precious.

3. There is always respect between you.

Respect is the thing that keeps two people who love each other bound together. A relationship without respect is also a relationship without love. When you both respect each other, your bond will deepen and your relationship will be stronger than ever.

4. They don’t let you get away with bullshit.

Of course, your loved one will love you and support you. However, having your back and being always supportive of you doesn’t mean that they won’t call you out on your bullshit when you deserve it. That’s a partner who wants the best for you.

5. They have your back.

They will always, always have your back and be there for you. You will both stand together and deal with whatever life gives you. And you won’t be afraid because you will always have your partner holding your hand and fighting all the battles together with you.

6. They work on bettering themselves.

And they do it on their own. You should never try to change your partner. Rather, you should inspire them to improve themselves and become a better person. That is a true partnership: when you love your partner as they are, but they work on themselves to be even better for you.

7. They make you feel safe.

Having them in your life will make you feel safe and secure. You will feel complete. Like there isn’t anything missing from your life. And you will be happy in their arms.

8. They make you feel like home.

They make you feel comfortable being you. When you are with them, you can be completely yourself. You don’t have to pretend or wear a mask to make them like you. You will feel like home with them and that’s what we are all striving for.

9. They motivate you to pursue your goals.

They will make you a better person by reminding you of your value and your dreams. They will motivate you and inspire you to accomplish anything you have ever wanted because they want only the best for you.

10. You know you can trust them with your life.

You never question what you mean to them. You both trust each other. There is mutual loyalty between you. You are the best team and together you can achieve anything.

If you have a partner like this never let them go.

Mary Wright