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Harvard Psychologist Reveals The 2 Keys To An Ever-Lasting Relationship


Dr. Robert Epstein is a famous American psychologist who created the Epstein Love Competencies Inventory. This is a test which is known to be a wide-ranging list of skills that are essential for forming successful and long-lasting relationships.

In his study, he discovered the 7 most important skills that are needed to make a relationship last long. They are:

1. Communication. This skill involves active listening, sharing your opinions, and staying away from criticism.

2. Conflict resolution. Stay focused on the present moment and on the topic. Also, be willing to apologize and forgive if necessary.

3. Knowing your partner. Knowing how to have fun with them, knowing what they like, what they don’t like, and what triggers them.

4. Life skills. Being capable of managing finances, leading a healthy lifestyle, and being prepared for hard times.

5. Self-management. Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your goals and reaching them.

6. Romance and sex. Caring about your partner’s sexual pleasure, making time for intimacy and romance, and keeping the spark between you alive.

7. Stress management. Using different methods for coping with stress such s planning, organizing, imagery, and relaxation.

According to Epstein, the two highest predictors that relationship can be long-lasting and successful are communication and knowing your partner.

However, his test revealed that there were some variations when it comes to age, sex, and experience. For instance, women were better than men in communication, knowledge of partner, and sex and romance, while men had better conflict resolution, self-management, stress management, and life skills.

Moreover, those participants older than 35 scored higher on conflict resolution, self-management, and life skills. And those younger than them had better skills for communication and sex and romance.

When they compared the results, they discovered that communication and knowledge of partner are the two crucial skills to a long-term relationship.

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Mary Wright