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Friends Come And Go, But The Real Ones Stay By Your Side Forever

People Come And Go, But Real Friends Stay By Your Side Forever

In life, we meet a lot of people. Ultimately many of these people become our friends.

Some of these friendships begin in our childhood and last our whole life. Some begin from a very young age but last only until a certain time in our lives. Some we form later on in life as adults, which don’t always last for more than a few years.

But then, there are some people that we meet at a certain point in life that connect with us in a truly incredible way. These are people that are destined to stay by our side for all eternity. People that become our life companions. People that truly deserve the title best friends.

Here are 3 things that real friends do for each other:

1. Real friends are always there for you. No matter how busy their schedule is or how chaotic their life is, true friends will always answer your call or come to your house when you need them. These people won’t be there beside you only on your good days. They will also hold your hand in the bad moments. They will stick with you through thick and thin, letting you know that they always got your back. These people will show you how real love feels.

2. Real friends are honest with you. Yes, they will always be there for you. And yes, they will always be undoubtedly loyal to you. But do you know what makes them real friends? The fact that no matter how much they love you; they will never be afraid to let you know when you are full of it. Real friends will call you on your BS when you are exaggerating. They will point out your mistakes and will do their best to keep you in check when you’re on the wrong track. Because they love you more than words can explain.

Real Friends Do For Each Other

3. Real friends love you for who you are. It is a real blessing to have people in your life who will never ever judge you for your actions but instead will appreciate you for exactly who you are. Flawed, imperfect and sometimes weird. Real friends are people who would never try to change you. They will call you on your BS, but at the same time, they will do their best to try and understand your reasons for behaving a certain way.

If you have these people in your life, know that you’ve been truly blessed.

And remember…Friends come and come and go. But the real ones, the people that are meant to be a part of your life, stay close to your heart forever.

Stephanie Reeds