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Forgiving Someone From The Heart Means Being A Better Person Than They Are


Life is unpredictable. It is beautiful and hard at times. There are people that you will meet that will stay with you forever and be there through thick and thin, and then there will be people who no matter how much you love them will end up hurting you and breaking your heart.

And during times like that, when you feel like your whole world has crumbled and the person you trusted the most has disappointed you, you should remember these things:

Everything will pass.

Nothing that happens on this earth is everlasting. Nothing will stay the same and that is a good thing as well as it is a bad thing. The sadness will pass, the brokenness will pass, but also will pass the happiness and the good times. That’s why you shouldn’t get accustomed to things and people.

Change is good but you don’t always need change.

Especially to satisfy other people. The decision to change something in your life is only yours to make.

You have everything that you need.

You are a complete person and you have everything you need inside you to achieve the things you want. It is only up to you to uncover the hidden talent you have in you and the world is yours.

Stop allowing your past to shape your present and affect your future.

The past is past for a reason. Let it all go and stop thinking about what happened. Most importantly, stop letting your past influence your present. Your present is all you have and you should live it doing the things that make you happy.

You can’t control everything that happens to you.

There are things over which you have control, but there are also things that happen in spite of you. So, let things unfold naturally without worrying too much, especially about the things you can’t change.

You are not alone.

Even when you feel lonely, remember that you are not alone. There is your family, your friends, the people you love. There is always someone you can count on. Plus, you always have yourself.

So, love yourself, protect yourself, heal yourself.

Mary Wright