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Finding Hope And Happiness During The Pandemic

Finding Hope And Happiness During The Pandemic

It is hard living during a time like this… When a virus is quickly invading our planet and killing our people and we can’t do anything to stop it. Yes, we follow the rules and recommendations from the WHO but this virus seems to be stronger than us. It locked us inside our homes and changed our lives.

As for me, after reading all the horrifying articles with news of new victims and infected people, I began to feel anxious and worried about the health of the people I love.

I had so many plans for this year… Getting my master’s degree, getting a new job, getting married in June… And now I am just waiting for this to be over. I know that there are many people who are in a more difficult position than I, people who lost their jobs, people who lost someone, people who fight for their life on a respirator…

However, during all this chaos, horror, and pain there is something good – people are more and more united. We are all in this together. We have become more conscious and humane. We work together to overcome this. This virus knows no religion, no status, no gender, and no ethnicity. We are all equal and fragile human beings.

And it is normal to feel sad, stressed out, and scared. I won’t tell you to be positive and be grateful. Don’t force yourself to feel anything. Feel what you feel and let things happen naturally. You are not alone… Most of us feel hopeless, powerless, and terrified.

But, I want you to remember one thing: that we as human beings are strong and resilient. And we will come out of this stronger.

Our minds are brilliant and sharp. And even though we may feel sad and anxious, we also feel extreme compassion and love.

This is our time to take a break.

This is our time to slow down.

This is our time to analyze ourselves and our actions.

This is our time to start over.

We will overcome this. This won’t be the end of us. It cannot be. Maybe it all happens to remind us that we are insignificant beings in the Universe, but we can be united through love, humanity, and compassion.

Mary Wright