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F-You For Hurting The Woman Who Was Afraid To Love You In The First Place


She was afraid of love. It was never her intention to fall in love with you.

That’s why she avoided you for so long. She knew deep in her heart that it won’t last. That you’ll end up hurting her like the one before you.

She didn’t want to fall in love with you. But you were so persistent and so convincing that she found herself mesmerized by your sweet honey words and your promises for real love and a future together.

And the moment she has fallen in love with you was the moment you decided you were bored with her and wanted something different.

She gave you her heart and you broke it.

You left her in pain, aching. She thought you were different. She thought you really loved her because you were always there for her. She thought that maybe this time will be different and real.

Well, f-you for giving her false hope and wasting her time. F-you for breaking her soft, gentle heart.

F-you for leaving without saying a word. You didn’t give her any closure. You left her mind guessing and overthinking what went wrong. Little did she know that you were only a coward masked as a true gentleman.

You seduced her because you wanted someone to be around you. Someone to love you and give you attention in order for you to feel important. You didn’t care at all about her feelings and the pain you’ve caused her. You only cared about yourself and your selfish needs.

F-you for hurting the woman who was hurt before. F-you for crippling her for love in the future. F-you for instead of being a man and being honest with her, you chose to be selfish and toyed with her emotions until you got tired from playing.

F-you and your cowardly, manipulative tricks.

You hurt her. She might be broken now, but she’ll rise above the ashes like a phoenix and she’ll learn how to love again. That’s the thing with us women. We always turn the pain into power and become better.

Soon, she’ll never be scared again because she’ll meet someone who is real. Someone who will love her the right way and appreciate her for the incredible woman that she is.

And you? Well, you’ll have only yourself to blame when you end up alone.

Mary Wright