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Experts Reveal What Sitting Too Long Does To Your Body


We live in a world where the human labor is being replaced by machines. Because of this, many people all around the world have office jobs which tie them on a chair for more than 8 hours a day. But, how safe is that for our health?

And while technology has many benefits, allowing us to do a lot more in less time, connecting us with people from everywhere in the world – it also has many downsides.  

According to a report which was published in Annals of Internal Medicine, an average person spends half of their waking hours inactive in a sitting position (watching TV, working of a computer, commuting to work etc.).  

Sitting for long periods of time can cause problems to our health, such as poor posture, chronic back pain, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

And many experts in the field have revealed how sitting too long negatively impacts your overall health. Here’s what they had to say on the subject:


A bad posture for a long time can lead to problems in your back. Being active causes the soft disks between the vertebrae in your spine to contract and expand which allows nutrients from the blood in. When you sit too long, the discs can become compact and uneven which causes the collagen to build up around your ligaments and tendons. This results in dick damage, inflexible spines, and back pain.


Remaining in a seated position for too long can cause colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and heart diseases. Moving around eliminates the free radicals who take over the body, boosts antioxidants and destroys cancer-causing cells. On the other hand, inactivity results in overproduction of insulin and slow-moving blood flow to the organs causing one to gain weight which further contributes to obesity and diabetes.


Moving your body causes more oxygen and blood to flow throughout your brain. This keeps your brain sharp and maintains your clarity. Contrary, when you sit too long, the flow of blood and oxygen in your brain slows down which diminishes your ability to think clearly. Plus, staring at a computer screen results in poor posture and inflicts tremendous damage to your shoulder and your back muscles because they become overextended by your leaning over a keyboard.


When you sit, you don’t use your ab muscles. If your ab muscles are unused for a long period they can actually cause you to develop a swayback (or, an overextension of your spine’s natural arch). Also, sitting too long can reduce your overall flexibility, making your muscles shorter and tenser.


Clearly, sitting too long will block the circulation in your legs. This leads to blood pooling around your ankles, which results in varicose veins, swollen ankles, and dangerous blood clots. Moreover, your bones will become less dense and weaker. The bones get thicker and stronger by a regular physical activity. This explains why many elderly people have osteoporosis.

So, what can you do to stop this?

First, if your work requires you to sit, make sure that at least you are sitting up straight. Don’t lean or slouch over your keyboard.

Second, try to stretch regularly (every 30 minutes). Get up and walk around your office. This will keep the blood in your veins flowing which will result in a proper functioning of both your muscles and your brain.

Finally, practice yoga for maintaining the flexibility of your muscles and relieving your body and mind from your workday.

Mary Wright


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