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Every Man Regrets Breaking Up With The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

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A good woman is worth the investment.

And don’t believe all the Hollywood crap where a woman who is in love with you will stay faithful to you through anything. She will wait and wait for you to figure out what you want from life, build your career, or try to see what else is out there until you finally decide to settle down with her and live happily ever after.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, it would be awesome if we were living in a romantic comedy. But the reality is different. Nowadays, a woman will give you a chance. Maybe a second, third, or even a fifth chance.

But, when she decides she is done, man – she is really done!

And there is nothing you can do to change her mind.

You see, women can give you many chances, more than what you deserve. Why? Because women often fall in love with the potential they see in someone. A woman believes in you when you don’t. She believes that you can live up to your abilities and that someday you’ll change and be a better man for her.

That’s the main reason why many women stay in terrible and abusive relationships.

But when a woman realizes she has had it enough, there is no turning back. Because, when a woman is done – she is done.

Once a woman tastes the beauty of the life without you in it, wasting her time and draining her energy – she will close her window of opportunity for you. And no matter how much you try to win her over by becoming a better man, you can’t bring her back.

So, you can go on and try to justify yourself and feed your ego by saying that she was never the right woman for you because if she was she would have never left you.

The truth is that no sane person can be talked into staying and dealing with all your bullshit. No woman deserves to live a life full of stress, pain, and drama. Not you, not anyone has a right to imprison another human being into waiting for them to figure out what they want out of life.

She, moving away from you means that she finally decided to stand up for herself. But, remember – it was you who forced her to make that decision.

You will regret losing this woman because she was with you when you were at your lowest point in life. She supported you, believed in you, and stood by you when no one was there.

You will regret losing her when you’ll meet other women who will love you when you are at your best, but once they see your flaws, they are out of the door.  

And it will be in those moments that you’ll finally realize what you had. You had a quality woman who stood by you, who did everything for you, who supported you and loved you with all her heart.

And what did you do? You let her go. You pushed her away because you didn’t know whether she was the right woman for you. You didn’t know what you had until you lost her.

Well, you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Mary Wright