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Even The Nicest Person Can Become Emotionless If They’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

Even The Nicest Person Can Become Emotionless If They’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

Even a good, sensitive, and fragile person like you can become an emotionless ‘monster’ when other people take you for granted and hurt you intentionally. 

When you’ve been broken and hurt so many times, it can change you drastically. It can change your whole perspective about love and relationships.

From a kind and loving person who truly believed in love, you can turn into a cold-blooded individual who has their guard up and promises to never let anyone else hurt them again. 

In turn, you may be doing these 8 things without even realizing it.

1. You Don’t Take Love Seriously

When someone asks you about your love life, you are probably going to laugh it off and tell a joke or two. You may tell them that you have decided to adopt many cats since it’s easier than dealing with some person’s bullshit.

2. You Don’t Trust Anyone

Your heart has been shattered so many times that now you can’t let anyone close to you to get to know the real you. You just can’t give someone the privilege to hurt you again.

3. You Flirt (A Lot)

Once upon a time, you would fall for someone and immediately start planning a future with him. You didn’t have eyes for anyone else. But now that you’ve had your heart broken, you are keeping your options open because you don’t want to get too emotionally attached.

4. You Hurt Other People (Unknowingly)

You know what it feels like to have your heart broken many times. You’ve experienced your share of pain and you think are done. You also don’t want to hurt anyone, but because you are too emotionally unavailable and untrusting, you may unknowingly end up hurting the people who love you.

5. You Put Up with Toxic People

Because you’ve been hurt before, nothing can surprise you these days. You’ve been dealing with toxic people your whole life and you are used to putting up with their behavior. You may think that there isn’t any danger since you know them, but you are wrong.

6. You Think That Everyone Wants to Take Advantage of You

When you meet someone, who is nice to you, your first thought is that they are nice to you to get something out of you. Or that they will date you and the moment you fall in love with them, they will break your heart. That’s why you are scared to get into a relationship.

7. You Learned the Hard Way That Sadness and Pain Are Parts of Life

Instead of focusing on the present and being grateful for the good things you have in your life, you dwell on the past and focus on things that make you sad and depressed. Yes, everyone needs to think back to find the necessary closure to move on, but constantly thinking about things that you cannot change is a bad thing.

8. You Fall for Emotionally Unavailable People

Why? Because they are familiar to you. You’ve been dealing with them your whole life. It’s become a pattern for you.

If you recognize yourself in this article, please don’t let pain define you. Accept responsibility for your own life and actions. Choose healing instead of unapproachable and arrogant people.

Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Find pleasure in the little things. Start enjoying life again. The healing will come naturally.

And when you are completely healed and whole, love will enter your life again. And it will be amazing. I promise.

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