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Either Love Like You Mean It, Or Stay Alone Forever


Love is the most powerful energy in the world. It has the ability to melt even the strongest steel, mend the poor heart that once was left shattered to pieces, and open every iron door. Love does wonders.

So, why would you limit yourself to love partly? Why would one decide to do it half-assed?

Love should be expressed wholeheartedly. Love should be shouted from the top of the roofs. Love should be wild. Untamed. Raw. Enthralling. Pure. Painful. And the most beautiful feeling in the world.

If you are not loving like this, what are you doing?  Everything that doesn’t even come close to this is not love. People pretend it is because it suits them better. But, I’m telling you… Love is more than you can ever imagine.

It means loving passionately without having a single care in the world.  It means devoting every piece of your body and soul to the other person. Love is fearless. It’s taking action without feeling scared at all. Because it is worth it.

I believe love is taking down every wall around you, just, so they can settle into every corner of your life. It means being brave and happy to undress your soul in front of them. Love is the exquisite feeling of freedom.

It is apologizing when we’ve done something wrong. And it is taking responsibility for our part in the relationship. It’s being a mature and a grown-up person who owns up to their mistakes.

Love is self-care. It is learning to accept our wholeness, our strength, along with all of our flaws. It is taking care of well-being, respecting our emotions and deepest feelings. Because it is only through self-love that we’ll be able to be there for others as well.

I truly believe love takes hard work. A lot of hard work. And most importantly, a will. A will to keep fighting every obstacle along the way so you could defend your love. A courage to protect the most sacred thing in your life. The outstanding power that arises from the depths of our hearts only when we feel that pure love.

I believe love means simple and silly dates, stained pajamas and raw, nasty, inside jokes. I believe in flirting with the one you love even if 10 years gone by. I believe love is a fire that keeps on burning, but only if you care enough to put more and more branches each day.

Because I just know that if two people want to be together, nothing will ever stop them from doing that. Nor time, nor distance will ever be able to interfere with the bond they have. Even if the sky comes falling down, love will always conquer all.

I believe love can be reached only through genuine and long work with ourselves. Only people who have the courage to face everything inside them and praise their flaws the same way they praise their strengths, manage to find that pure love that most people only think exists in fairytales.

I believe love is a divine feeling. It’s recognizing a home in someone. It’s loving their smell, their heart, their looks, everything about them.

I believe vulnerability and honesty are the only ways to feel what pure love really means. Giving everything, without expecting something in return. Putting in the work. Showing someone just how happy and blessed you are to have their love.

Loving like you truly, genuinely, undoubtedly mean it.

If you, my friend, are someone who also believes in this kind of love, I salute you.

You give me my hopes back. And you make this society a better place to live in. Never stop doing that.

This world is in desperate need of more people like you.

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Stephanie Reeds


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