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Don’t Be With Someone Who Pushes You Down, Be With Someone Who Inspires You Instead


Don’t be with someone who forces you to do the things they want you to do. Be with someone who is interested in your dreams and goals and encourages you to follow them because they are not with you for selfish reasons, they are with you because they truly love you and they want to see you succeed in life.

Be with someone who thinks of you as a smart, intelligent, capable, and independent woman.

Someone who knows how to deal with everything life throws at them and still stand tall on their feet. Someone who won’t get scared of anything deep that your soul desires.

Don’t be with someone who points out your flaws and doesn’t forgive your mistakes. Let go of the one who is critical of your weight and gets angry whenever you order a dessert or a glass of wine with your meal.

Be with someone who accepts you and cherishes you as who you are.

Someone who is perfectly happy with the way you look and make them feel. Someone who is in love with your soul and nourishes it. Someone who wants you to make your own decision but will stand by your side to support you whenever you make a mistake.

Be with someone who raises your confidence when you are feeling down.

Someone who will pick you up and motivate you to believe in yourself and not lose hope when it looks like everything is lost.

Don’t be with someone who pushes you to be someone you are not rather than inspiring you to become the best version of you.

If you are insecure about something or you don’t feel comfortable doing something, they should respect your feelings. Be with someone who doesn’t stop believing in you. Someone who always compliments you and reminds you that you are perfect to them.

If you don’t feel ready to go on and get your dream job, they should kindly remind you of your strengths and capabilities and tell you how much you deserve that job instead of pressuring you to send the application.

Be with someone who will respect you and your decisions. Someone who won’t manipulate you, won’t take you for granted, and won’t try to confine you or guilt trip you into doing something you don’t want to do.

Be with someone who inspires you in every way.

To be better.

To love better.

Mary Wright