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Don’t Be Convenient To Someone Who Doesn’t Make You A Priority


Have you ever given your heart to someone who only played with it and then it broke it to million pieces? Have you ever given your all to someone who couldn’t care less about you? Have you ever made someone a priority who only saw you as an option, someone to pass time with?

I know most of you have, and I also know how devastating and painful it is. It’s excruciating. It makes you question everything, especially your self-worth. It makes you feel miserable and undeserving of true love and companionship. But more than anything, it leaves scars on your heart.

But it’s not like they were complete assholes the whole time. Sometimes they were the type of a partner you’ve always dreamed to be with. They were loving, kind, supportive. And then again, there were times when they would act like the biggest jerk on this planet, especially when you needed them but they were never there.

There were days when you needed to hold their hand after having a bad day and to hear that everything will be okay. There were also times when you were begging for their presence and attention but they were nowhere to be found.

However, the very moment they needed you to boost their ego and give them attention to make them feel good about themselves – they went to you. Whenever someone broke up with them, they always kept going back to you because they knew that you loved them and waited for them to return to you.

I suppose you wonder why all this kept happening. Why did he continue doing things that cause you pain? Why couldn’t they be there for you like you were for them?

The reason why they were doing all this is painful to hear but it’s true – they treated you badly because they never really loved you. They never made you a priority or cared about your needs in the relationship. You were just convenient for them.

You were one of their options. Yes, they were happy to have you by their side, but they never loved you enough to commit to you in a real way.

You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve to be treated like a backup. You don’t deserve a half-assed love. You are not an option and never allow anyone to treat you like one.

You matter. You are worthy. You deserve someone who will be happy to have you in their life. Someone who will never do anything to hurt you. Someone who won’t look for the next better thing and leave you the moment they find someone more suitable for them.

You deserve someone who will love you with all their heart and your happiness will be their main focus. And this person was never and never will be that.

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Mary Wright