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Do Yourself A Favor And Don’t Go Back: You Are Better Off Without Him

You Are Better Off On Your Own

You are trying so hard to stay strong and show the whole world that you are okay, but deep down you aren’t. I can see that in your eyes. There is someone on your mind and this someone making your knees weak.

You wear your fake smile in the streets, but once you come back home and look at yourself in the mirror, the only thing you see is sadness. He’s the one who occupies your thoughts. The one who comes to you in your dreams. The one who haunts you day and night.

You cannot help but think of him. You cannot help but wish things never became so complicated and difficult. You lie in bed and wonder where you went wrong and how things suddenly changed for the worse.

I get it. You are hurt. The pain that you feel cannot be described.

You gave him every part of your soul, and he played you. You shared every bit of your life with this person and he took you for granted. It was the most hurtful experience of your life, but that doesn’t change the fact that you miss him every single day.

Your heart makes you forgive him, but your mind tells you to stay away from this man.

The battle between what you feel and what you know is never-ending. You fight against yourself and every day you lose. Yet, somehow you still get up on your feet and do it again.

Why are you so hard on yourself, dear?

Can’t you see that he is not the one for you?

Guys like him who are too self-absorbed to care about anything other but themselves do not deserve women like you. They do not deserve women who carry pure, unconditional love within their hearts. 

I know that you’re on the verge of giving up your fight and getting back to him, but I beg of you… Do yourself a favor and don’t go running in him. You are not helping yourself. You are only prolonging your suffering. A man like him doesn’t change that easily. Trust me, you are better off without him.

I know it hurts but you have to stand your ground. You have to be strong enough to avoid falling into temptation. You have to lift your head up and move on regardless of how much your heart begs you to give him another chance. Doing that will likely blow up in your face once again. And you will find yourself right back where you started.

Instead, do yourself the favor and move on.

You are much braver, much stronger and much more confident on your own. You deserve to find happiness. You may not see it yet, but you are flourishing. You are making big progress.

End that vicious cycle once and for all and let life show you the way.

Stephanie Reeds