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Dating A Teacher Will Be The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

Dating A Teacher

1. They are super smart.

Well, duh. They’re teachers, right?

Dating a teacher means dating someone you’ll undeniably have many things to learn from and finally have a stimulating  and deep conversation with.

2. You’ll have plenty of time for yourself.

While they’re marking masses of homework and exam papers, you can have your “me time.” Oh, and yes, you can watch whatever you want on TV because you’ll have complete control over the TV remote.

3. They’re dedicated and passionate.

Going to work early every day, often staying at work late, and spending huge amounts of time marking essays at weekends just proves how dedicated they are to their job.

They show the same level of enthusiasm and commitment in their relationships. Making time for their partners is their top priority, even when their schedule is too tight. In this way, they build a strong, happy, and long-lasting relationship and the bond between them and their significant other strengthens.

4. Teachers don’t work on weekends, which means you can squeeze weekend getaways into your busy schedules every week. Amazing, right?

5. They are punctual.

They are hardly ever late for work or for anywhere. So, if they said that they will be at the restaurant at 6 p.m. then know they’ll be there at 6 sharp.

6. They’ll encourage you to learn something new every day.

Whether it’s reading books or science articles, they’ll make sure you gain knowledge of the world every day. They’ll make sure you keep your brain sharp and healthy. They’ll give you a whole new perspective on the world around you and they’ll make sure you broaden your horizons.

7. They are patient.

They’re patient with their students, so don’t doubt that they’ll be patient with you too. When you talk to them, they’ll carefully listen to you. Whether you’re sharing your problems with them or complaining about your awful boss, they’ll show interest in what you have to say and try to truly understand your opinions and problems.

8. They’re fun.

Spending your life surrounded by children means learning to accept both positive and negative sides of life and have fun and relax, even when life gets tough.

So, who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who always looks on the bright side of life? Being with this kind of person means being with someone who truly enjoys life.

9. They love hard.

They genuinely love and care about their students, and when it comes to their partners, they love them even more. They entirely commit to them and they are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy. Because the happiness of their significant other means everything to them.

10. Last but not least, they’re attractive.

Well, this one speaks for itself.

Riley Cooper