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Crystals for Healing: 10 Interesting Crystals for Physical Healing


One of the most popular trends in alternative medicine, crystals, are believed to protect you from ailments and cure different diseases. Some people use them to improve their concentration and relieve stress.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Healing crystals can emit positive vibrations, and this can aid you in gaining peacefulness and revitalizing your body. This happens thanks to the interaction of the atoms and molecules and their movement inside the crystals, and their interaction with the body’s natural field, which creates balance and alignment and is called vibrational energy.  

Nevertheless, this is not scientifically backed up, and there are no scientific studies that show that crystals have a unique chemical composition that can help in healing different ailments. 

Although it is said that they emit energy, if we consider the mass-energy equivalence of e=mc^2, it is not proved until now that there is an exchange of energy between humans and crystals, says Peter Heaney, a mineral sciences professor at Pennsylvania State University. (1

But, their proponents believe that they have specific properties, and this is based on traditional concepts from antient cultures, dating back to the oldest civilizations like Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt when people ornamented themselves with turquoise and carnelian to protect them from illnesses and bad energy and for some ritual purposes. 

The traditional Indian Buddhist and Hindu concepts of chakras and the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) are closely related to modern crystal healing. 

Nowadays, crystal healers claim that the crystal’s vibration interacts with the energy field of the body and promotes the healing by positioning the crystals on certain body regions that are aligned with the chakras points, believed to be vortices of life energy. The places where the crystals are positioned are chosen according to the symptoms of the patient, the stomach, the gut, throat, forehead etc… The chakra philosophy is not accepted and approved by Western medicine.   

One study showed with 80 participants showed that crystals have influenced their energy, but it was more on a psychological level and change in their state of mind, so we may conclude that the power of crystals lies in the placebo effect. When we infuse the crystal with a special intention, we create a special bond and create transformation. 

The researcher suggested that in case you suffer from a serious health condition, you should ask for help from a health expert and not go to alternative medicine and crystal healing to solve your health problems. (2) (3)

But, they cannot do any harm. They can just bring some good energy and improve your confidence and well–being, and make you think positively, so they have the power to change your life for the better. 

Healing Crystals Are Rock Formations That Can Be Found In Nature

Crystals are rock formations that can be found in nature, but they can vary according to their luminosity and texture and are usually extracted from industrial mines directly from Mother Earth, and that is why they are so energetic and powerful. 

The world’s biggest producers of crystals are Brazil, Chile, Madagascar, and India. The crystal sellers never specify their origin, although the demand is high. However, crystals are usually mined by poor families and with no legal regulations, which makes this question rather controversial. 

You should always ask the seller for authenticity and originality because some of them may be fake. 

Some common crystals, such as quartz, can be found everywhere, but Madagascar is so rich in this mineral that people living there often find it accidentally washed away on the riverbeds. 

 You can try searching crystals and minerals yourself carefully near some eroded stream banks, ingenious rocks, and creeks, but be sure you have the right equipment. UV lights and black light torches will help you find certain minerals that glow in the night. 

4 Different Types Of Crystals

Crystals are geological rock formations and can be used for different purposes, starting from healing up to electricity transformers. Around 4000 different types of minerals can be found in nature, with a different crystal structure. The 4 known types of crystals are:

  1. Covalent crystals ( These crystals have very strong covalent bonds and are hard to break and include hard materials like diamonds and quartz.)
  2. Metallic crystals (These crystals have metallic bonds and a shiny appearance, including iron, gold, copper, etc..)
  3. Molecular crystals ( These crystals have weak bonds, called hydrogen bonds, and can break themselves very easily, so we even can break them with our hands. One nice example of a molecular crystal is the ice.)
  4. Ionic crystals ( These crystals have hard ionic bonds and a high melting point, so they are very solid. One fine example of it is the salt shaker.)

The Most Noteworthy Healing Crystals

The most noteworthy healing crystals include emerald crystals, opalite crystals, aventurine crystals, quartz crystals, citrine crystals, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and others. Some of these crystals can also alleviate organ trouble.

They can also help you sleep better and give you more energy or create a loving atmosphere in your home.

Which Healing Crystal Do I Need And How To Choose It?

They come up in hundreds of different shapes and colors and have that attractive look that makes you feel pleasant and peaceful. But the healing properties are the one that is most useful in our ordinary life and can bring overall balance to our well-being. When choosing the right crystal, always follow your intuition. Take it into your palm and feel the sensations. Can you feel the energy? 

It should also suit your intention and never put you in debt, so watch the prices. 

You may find yourself being attracted to various crystals, and it is completely fine to make a crystal collection so you can experiment with and see which one is the best for your spirit. 

You can also choose different crystals depending on your mood and health conditions, but you also wear them as a piece of jewelry, amulets, and talismans, so choose the right crystal and carry the good vibes whenever you do and go.

10 Interesting Crystals for Physical Healing

This article will highlight the physical healing properties of crystals in greater detail. Let’s explore.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz is helpful if you’re contending with mental and/or physical fatigue. Overall, it can give you more energy to help you remain active and alert.

It also gives you the necessary awareness you need throughout the day. In addition to strengthening your brain function, it can also boost your immune system.

You have several quartz crystals to choose from:

  • Clear Quartz: This type of quartz will boost the immune system and provide balance to the body.
  • Rose Quartz: The rose quartz fosters love, trust, and respect. It can also provide comfort during times of distress.

Additionally, you can pair the rose quartz with the clear quartz to bolster the healing properties of the clear one.

Emerald Crystals

The emerald crystal will aid you during the recovery process. Moreover, it clears your thoughts and boosts mental acuity. It promotes emotional and mental well-being, including the physical health of the owner.

Emerald healing applies to the following ailments:

  • Toxic buildup in the body
  • Infections
  • Vision problems
  • Heart, lung, spinal, and muscular problems

The mental, physical, and emotional restorative properties combined will be an immense asset as you recover.

Opalite Crystals

The opalite variety is a total package in terms of improving mental and emotional stability. Further, opalite crystals increase sexual performance.

With an increased sexual drive also comes more energy for the body. It can also detoxify the blood and kidneys.

Aventurine Crystals

Aventurine is another crystal that will support the blood and heart. Also, it acts as a healer as you recover from injuries or surgery.

If you’re contending with a sickness, aventurine can also help you recover faster. It can also stabilize your emotional levels as you go through the recovery period.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine can sharpen your brain function and make your nerve impulses stronger. If you’re suffering from digestion quandaries, it can help you overcome nausea or digestion ailments of any kind. Citrine also stimulates your metabolism.

If you want to increase the potency of its healing effects, you can use it with clear quartz.

Amethyst Crystal

This is a purple crystal with a distinctive color that can clear the negative energy from your space. It can help you fight the demons of anxiety and bad addictions and improve your psychic abilities. Calm your nerves and get better sleep with this beauty and ensure yourself that your body is cleansed and detoxified.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a beautiful blue crystal that has a long healing history, and it is known as a wisdom stone, so it can help you to gain wisdom and improve your self–expression. With the poetic, deep blue color it has, it looks outwardly and invites you to the world of magic and just watching, it relaxes your mind and lowers your blood pressure.

It was loved by Ancient Egyptians and used it is not just as a jewel but also as an elixir, eyeshadow, and color paint. In Islam, it is used as an evil eye protector, and in Buddhism, to gain inner peace.

It is great for boosting your immunity system, can help you with depression and insomnia, and soothe all kinds of inflammations and health problems with the thyroid and throat.

It is also believed that it can connect you with the spirit realms and open your third eye chakra.


Moonstone is a magical crystal with a pale pearly glow and is considered a crystal for inward vision, a feminine crystal that helps with fertility and reproductive issues.

It is full of feminine energy and can help you with PMS and hormonal imbalance. It is a moon symbol and can help you in times of big changes in life, connect you with the universe, and open new chapters in your life when it is time to do it and accept it fully without hesitations.


When we think of Jade, it reminds us of East Asian art. It is one of the most famous healing crystals worldwide. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and also as part of jewelry and as decoration for statues and sublime deities. It comes in a wide range of colors and brings good luck and joy to those who wear it.

It comes in different colors, but the green Jade is the one that is the most popular and worn as a protective talisman.

When it comes to healing properties, Jade can help you with detoxification and fluid balance in your system. It can help you fight infections and viruses, encourage your body to heal itself on its own, and help you with kidney and bladder problems. It is a libido booster if you have some sexual problems.

You can always wear it as an amulet to bring you good luck and prosperity.

Pyrite crystal

This crystal may remind you of gold, and it is known under the name of Fools Gold and comes from the Greek name for fire Pyr. It is a very beautiful stone with a dazzling metallic luster. When it comes to this crystal is all about protection, and it is a real protection against negative vibes, psychic attacks, and negative thoughts to keep your mind clear and improve your confidence.

For physical healing purposes, it can improve your overall stamina and strength, which will, in turn, boost your immune system to fight the infections you come across better.

It is also believed that it can help you with asthma and all kinds of respiratory problems. In addition, it is a great crystal for endocrine and reproductive issues.

Other Crystals for Physical Healing

Other crystals for physical healing include moonstone, agate, selenite, and tourmaline. These crystals combine mental, physical, and emotional healing.

Each type of crystal is said to vibrate at a different frequency, which can in turn align the vibrations of the body and promote physical and emotional well-being. For example, Crazy Lace Agate’s meaning is said to promote joy and optimism, while Moonstone is said to encourage inner clarity. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, many people believe that crystals can be effective tools for physical and spiritual healing.

They can also heal more serious conditions, such as organ or circulation problems. Regardless, there’s a wide array of crystals that apply to your condition.

Interested in learning more about health-based topics? Read more of our health section to learn more. (2)

16 Quotes About Physical Crystal Healing

1. Work with amethyst when in doubt. 

2. In a crystal, we have a pure evidence of a formative life principle, and although, in spite of everything, we cannot understand the life of crystals, it is still a living being. (Nikola Tesla) 

3. Healing comes from nature, and therefore physicians must look there and find a cure with open minds. 

4. Do not wait, crystalize your mind.

5. You are already halfway through the healing when you wish you were healed. 

6. Calm your mind, protect yourself from negative energy and relieve fear with the amethyst, the powerful healer. 

7. I have to charge my crystals, I am sorry, I can’t. 

8. Find balance in your life with the help of crystals.

9. I have more crystals than having friends.

10. Our nature is a magical place, and our Mother Earth owns its special crystal jewelry. 

11. Crystals revive our energy and transform our lives in a miraculous way.

12. Crystals are like human beings, constantly evolving and ascending into their divine nature. 

13. The best gift from Mother Nature is the crystals.

14. The first thing of healing is awareness.

15. Peace is the greatest measure of healing.

16. Laughter and humor are the best healing thing. 

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