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Crystals for Healing: 5 Interesting Crystals for Physical Healing


You’re suffering from depression. You’re also faring through fatigue throughout the day. You take medications that cause tiredness. You’re looking for something beyond traditional medicine that will help combat the side effects. You walk into a new-age store, searching for guidance. The store clerk suggests crystals for physical healing. She also gives you a healing crystals guide. The guide is helpful, but you want to know the most powerful healing crystals. (1)

What are they?

The most noteworthy healing crystals include emerald crystals, opalite crystals, aventurine crystals, quartz crystals, and citrine crystals. Some of these crystals can also alleviate organ trouble.

They can also help you sleep better and give you more energy. This article will highlight the physical healing properties of crystals in greater detail. Let’s explore.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz is helpful if you’re contending with mental and/or physical fatigue. Overall, it can give you more energy to help you remain active and alert.

It also gives you the necessary awareness you need throughout the day. In addition to strengthening your brain function, it can also boost your immune system.

You have several quartz crystals to choose from:

  • Clear Quartz: This type of quartz will boost the immune system and provide balance to the body.
  • Rose Quartz: The rose quartz fosters love, trust, and respect. It can also provide comfort during times of distress.

Additionally, you can pair the rose quartz with the clear quartz to bolster the healing properties of the clear one.

Emerald Crystals

The emerald crystal will aid you during the recovery process. Moreover, it clears your thoughts and boosts mental acuity. It promotes emotional and mental wellbeing, including the physical health of the owner.

Emerald healing applies to the following ailments:

  • Toxic buildup in the body
  • Infections
  • Vision problems
  • Heart, lung, spinal, and muscular problems

The mental, physical, and emotional restorative properties combined will be an immense asset as you recover.

Opalite Crystals

The opalite variety is a total package in terms of improving mental and emotional stability. Further, opalite crystals increase sexual performance.

With an increased sexual drive also comes more energy for the body. It can also detoxify the blood and kidneys.

Aventurine Crystals

Aventurine is another crystal that will support the blood and heart. Also, it acts as a healer as you recover from injuries or surgery.

If you’re contending with a sickness, aventurine can also help you recover faster. It can also stabilize your emotional levels as you go through the recovery period.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine can sharpen your brain function and make your nerve impulses stronger. If you’re suffering from digestion quandaries, it can help you overcome nausea or digestion ailments of any kind. Citrine also stimulates your metabolism.

If you want to increase the potency of its healing effects, you can use it with clear quartz.

Other Crystals for Physical Healing

Other crystals for physical healing include moonstone, agate, selenite, and tourmaline. These crystals combine mental, physical, and emotional healing.

They can also heal more serious conditions, such as organ or circulation problems. Regardless, there’s a wide array of crystals that apply to your condition.

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David Smith