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Could online dating lead to lasting love?


A lot of people nowadays are using mobile apps or dating sites for their romantic lives. And according to Pew Research Center the number of people who are dating someone online is growing. There are a lot of different services for all kinds of demographics and tastes. But can online relationships work long term? Not everybody is looking for just a casual romantic thing in online love. If you are looking for a long term relationship and you want to use all the benefits of the online dating world this article is for you.

So what chances of “happily ever after” you have when meeting someone online? Well, as with the most relationships you might start,  mostly that depends on what you and your potential partner do. If you look at the numbers you might think that the chances aren’t really great.

According to the best dating sites like DoULike.com use special algorithms to filter the fake accounts, only 5% of Americans found their spouse or long-term partner online. But if you consider that only 15% are engaged in online dating, that gives you actually not a bad chance. There are of course upsides and downsides to meeting someone online. But if you approach it correctly, you can get all the benefits of the online dating world.

So we’ve already established that the answer to the question “Does online relationships work longtime?” is “That’s totally possible”. So what should you do to raise your chances and how do you know you’re doing everything right?

There are several things you could to make the whole process more reliable. First of all, you need to pick a good service to use. For example, the sites like DoULike.com use special algorithms to filter the fake accounts. It’s not perfect but the chances of wasting your time on a bot or scammer’s account are much lower. Getting a popular service with a lot of active users would give you a much larger pool of potential partners.

You should also look up the basic advice on how to make your profile properly and how to conduct yourself to be safe and sound. That’s very important for several reasons. First of all, that will also decrease the chances to become a target for scammers. Second of all, one of the most serious disadvantages of online dating is the whole idea of profiles. In real life, the people you meet are like a book. You learn more about people one page at a time and your opinion of the person forms gradually. In the online world, people judge each other on their online profiles. The opinions are often formed without a single message exchange. So making a good profile can result in more people messaging you.

Ok, let’s assume you decided that meeting girls or meeting guys online is a good choice for finding a long-term partner. How do you know that it works with someone you met online?

One of the best indicators that another person online is interested in you is the consistency in your conversations. If your conversations are smooth and another person does not disappear for a long time without explanations – that’s a very good sign. That means that another person is invested in this particular conversation with you. Being an interesting companion is one of the most important things in romantic life.

Another good sign of things going great is the synchrony in your “timetables”. If both of you are thinking about meeting in person roughly at the same time then it means that your relationship is progressing in a similar fashion so no one would be afraid it’s developing too quickly or too slow.

The final thing you want to look for is the nature of the things you are talking about. Just chit-chatting about some stuff is one thing and discussing serious and personal stuff is on a completely different level. If you see that it is easy for you to discuss serious personal issues with another person and you are treated well, with compassion and humor – you can consider yourself lucky.

If you met someone online and you think you can build a long-lasting relationship with that person – go for it. A growing number of people use online dating to find a partner and while the number of long term couples that met online is low now, the numbers show that it will only be growing in the future.

David Smith