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8 Clear Signs You Are Dealing With A Toxic Person In Your Life


There are a lot of toxic individuals out there. In all honesty, lately, I feel like the whole world has gone completely mad. But, then again, I like to believe that all of these people who have tried to harm another human being or already hurt another person are hurting as well.

Because sometimes it’s not the people who are toxic, but their behaviors.  

Still, regardless of whether it is the people or their behaviors that are toxic, there is no doubt that they are out there and they are not always easy to deal with.  

Here are 8 behaviors that show how toxic a person can be to you: 

1. They are always pretending to be the victim. No matter what the situation is, in their head, they are always the one who is right. They just don’t take responsibility for their actions. Whatever happens, they are always the ones who are hurt, offended or even betrayed. Everything is always someone else’s fault. Even when it’s their fault, it’s actually someone else’s. The victim identity is their strongest suit. 

2. They are constantly focused on themselves and they always interrupting. Their ego is the most important thing in their life. And it is so high that they actually forget about basic common decency and other people’s emotions. Everything that interests them is themselves. These people don’t know how to hold a normal conversation without making it about themselves. They are downright rude and inconsiderate. 

3. They would rather die than admit that they are wrong. Believe me, I’ve been friends with people like these. Yes, you’ve read it right. But we all make mistakes, don’t we? Long story short, what I’ve learned from toxic people is that they are convinced that they are always right. Regardless of all the evidence that you collect to show them in order to prove them guilty, they always find a way to get away with their manipulations by blaming someone else for their wrongdoings. 

4. They don’t care about what you have to say. In a nutshell, these people are usually very bad listeners. It is the disinterest in their eyes and the lack of understanding in the conversation that gives away how self-absorbed and jealous they are. They don’t care what is happening to you. The only person they are concerned about is themselves. Their health, their wealth, their wellbeing and their happiness are the only things that actually matter to these people. 

5. They desperately need attention to feed their greedy egos. They are hungry for validation and they want it now. They seem like they don’t give a damn about other people’s opinions, but deep down they are terrified of what others think of them. That is why, being the center of the attention, the life of the party if you will, is the only thing that boosts their ego and helps them think that they are superior to everyone around them. 

6. They are constantly judging everyone but forget to look at themselves. Toxic people have a lot to say when it comes to other people. But they are always quiet when it comes to themselves. And this characteristic of theirs tells everything you need to know about them. 

7. They are downright rude and disrespectful. They don’t care about manners, common decency or empathy. They don’t bother to say I am sorry; they don’t bother to help others and they simply don’t care how hurtful their actions sometimes are to some people. It’s almost like they live in a special kind of world. Because all that matters to these people are their own selfish needs. 

8. They have no empathy for other people. Just think about it. The most humane characteristic a person can possess is empathy towards others. When these traits are missing from a person, it means that the individual is toxic and not capable of understanding or sharing the feelings of another human being. 

Stephanie Reeds