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It Takes Two To Make A Relationship Work

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Love is not just about finding a good partner. It is also about being a good partner. It takes an equal amount of energy from two people to make a relationship successful.

Every relationship is different, whether it lasts for hours, days or a lifetime. Sometimes it can be complicated, and at other times, frustrating and messy. There is no perfect relationship at the beginning. There is no right way of creating a relationship.

People are not perfect. And there is no need to be perfect because perfect is not interesting. What is interesting, in fact, is to have flaws and to have doubts. People also come with baggage.

relationship work

But, when people are in love, they overcome these flaws and doubts. They outgrow the flaws and doubts together with their partners. The baggage is no longer on one back, it is now shared. And that is how they build the relationship.

The most important thing you need to do to build a healthy and happy relationship is to always be okay within yourself. First, you must love yourself in order to love your partner. It takes a lot of pure and unconditional love to commit to your partner.

As the relationship progresses, you discover your partner’s needs, you see their reactions, and you learn how to love each other based on the imperfections you two have. And that is what makes you two an imperfectly perfect fit.

Relationships are not hard. They require work, but that is sweet work. There are highs and lows, and bad days and good days. There is the past that sometimes haunts you, and there is a doubt that you might be hurt again.

But it’s in those days of struggle when you actually see how the person you love reacts and whether they put effort into resolving the difficulties. If your partner tries hard for you, then they really want you to stay in their life. Putting an effort means caring. Trying means loving.

Love is the clue to the relationship. Respect is the glue that sticks you two together. Trust is a special bond that only a loving relationship can establish. 

Don’t be afraid of getting into a relationship. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, even though you think that no relationship is all about sunshine. Well, two people can share an umbrella and survive a storm together.

Feel and love deeply and be the best version of yourself in times of trouble. Overcome your failures and learn from them. That is the only way to become the best version of yourself and build a happy, long-standing relationship.

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