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Brothers And Sisters Give Meaning To Our Lives, They Are More Than Just Family Members

Brothers And Sisters Give Meaning To Our Lives, They Are More Than Just Family Members

Family. They are the reason we go to family gatherings. They are the reason we feel a powerful connection to home.

What’s more powerful than that is the bond between brothers and sisters. I know because I have a sister myself. 

Brothers or sisters have an unbreakable connection with each other; they grew up together and share a childhood. They share the same childhood memories, games, toys, and clothes.

They use the same slang words; they keep each other’s teenage secrets, and they share the same hiding places where they used to keep their most valuable objects or hide after breaking their mother’s favorite set of plates.

Sometimes, they have a secret hiding place for the sake of having it; because it’s fun and adventurous, and it’s something they so selfishly keep from the rest of the world; something that is truly theirs and no one can take it away from them.

Having a brother or a sister is a blessing that comes in many forms. You have a best friend you don’t have to search for; they are there and will stay beside you no matter what. 

You play together; you trick your parents together; you smash the Christmas tree together; you try alcohol together and fight over who gets to have the last oreo. 

Your brother or sister knew everything bad you did in your childhood and used it as leverage, but it’s not like you didn’t do the same; blackmailing is the symbol of brotherhood or sisterhood. It’s the only non-harmful, funny type that exists, actually. 

Having a sister is like having your personal make-up artist or a fashion designer for free. Sisters will glam you up for your date without charging you a cent.

They will scream out of joy and jump like a weirdo when the person you like has asked out and will give you their absolute honest opinion about that dress you are about to wear. They will be critical of your choices, but it’s because they want the best for you. 

Sisters are happier for your achievements than you are for yours. They may hate you for ruining their favorite purse and will put toothpaste in your shampoo because of it, but if the world tries to hurt you-they will be the first to defend you.

Even if you are to blame, yes. It’s called sister love, and it’s something only sisters understand. 

It’s the same with brothers. They will play football together and will fight over who is better or who should get the last chewing gum.

They may laugh if one of them falls and scratches their knee and starts crying, or one may be messier, so the other will be the one tidying up their bookshelf, but at the end of the day, they will do their homework together, or share their snacks while watching TV. 

And when they grow up, they’ll drink beer together and will reminisce of their teenage years and how they used to steal their father’s car to go to a party or just have a ride.

Family is a fortune. Siblings are too. They give you a sense of belonging, but brothers and sisters are friends for a lifetime. 

No matter how many years pass by, you can never grow apart from them-you pick up where you left off.

Brothers and sisters are each other’s go-to person for every problem because telling something to your parents may be frightening even years after you grow up, but with your brother or sister you know you’ll always have someone to talk to.

Someone who will judge you, but has good intentions, someone who may say you are an idiot for doing something, but they say it affectionately and you cannot get mad at them. 

You don’t know how to get mad at them.

It’s that honesty that makes these relationships strong and special. The gossips, the mutual adventures and misadventures, the childhood memories, the long-hour talks until 5 AM, and the first silly experiences you share that shaped your life and made it what it is now.

The relationship brothers and sisters have is unique in the sense that you don’t get to choose who will be your brother or sister and yet, you have an amazing bond and you help each other out. You insult or yell at it each other at times because you have your differences, but you have each other’s back in front of the world. 

Brothers and sisters are proof that relationships can start simple, but can develop into complex and delicate relationships, which last for a lifetime. The key to that longevity is brutal honesty and simplicity. It stems from the notion of roots and it’s why it’s so deep and unbreakable.

Nora Connel