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Boost Your Retirement Savings And Benefits: Programs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


We are stuck in our 9 to 5 jobs, working for a common salary. We pay the full price for things often because we have no time to look for discounts and we are in a rush.

But when you are planning your retirement, every cent counts. Here are some things you can do to boost your retirement savings and say goodbye to that rat race:

1. Insurance companies have an alternative. 

You pay a fortune to insurance companies when in fact the National Family Assurance Corporation offers a life insurance policy that is not very expensive and regardless of your age or medical history. 

The website will assess and compare your options, showing you the lowest price. The best part about this is that comparing plans and policies is free and you stand a chance of saving up to 70% on life insurance.

2. Go solar to save up on electricity bills. 

The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit offers refunds if you install solar panels in your home. The best part about going solar is that your electricity bills will drop and you can save up to $4,860 thanks to the tax break. 

Check if you are eligible for applying for a solar panel based on your home and area here

3. Travel and transportation discounts. 

American Airlines: They have senior discounts that apply to different destinations. You can call the company and see which are available.

Alaska Airlines: Discounts vary from one time frame to another, but generally seniors can get up to 10% off the price.

United Airlines: The company offers discounts for seniors over 65, which vary depending on the flight and location. You just have to select the Over 65 category when buying tickets online or with a customer service representative. 

4. Near retirement discounts in grocery stores. 

There are some stores that offer discounted prices for groceries to near retirement people. Some stores that do this include New Seasons Market, Farm Fresh, Fred Meyer, Piggly Wiggly, Fry’s Food, Hy-Vee. 

In case you don’t have these stores near your area, make sure to ask your local grocery store if they offer some discounts or benefits. Exploring your possibilities is never a bad idea.

5. Mortgage can be reduced.

The Federal Relief Program issued new mortgage rules, allowing homeowners to get an annual $3,252 (or $271 a month) taken off their mortgage starting this May.

It is not stated when the program expires, but here is a link where you can check your eligibility. The upside is, once you are in, you are in for good, so hurry and make use of this opportunity. 

6. Payoff plans are real. 

Financial debts are the reality of daily life. Bank loans, infamously high-interest rates have become the norm. If you have more than $15,000 in credit card debt, this program can reduce the amount you owe significantly. 

You don’t need a loan to solve your financial problems – with the debt relief program you can do it in just 12 months! See if you are eligible here.

7. Low-cost car insurance is a must.

Our jobs, our lives depend on those 4 wheels. You cannot get anywhere if you live in a large area without a car, so it’s no wonder we pay a lot of money for car insurance.

If you are paying more than $63 a month for car insurance, then you need to stop what you are doing and visit this site to check what discounts your area qualifies for. 

Nora Connel