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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Woman Who Has Loved And Lost


Loving a woman who’s been a victim of the dark side of love and survived the horrors of being left with a broken heart and an empty soul takes a lot of courage.

It requires patience and compassion. Because she knows the feeling of loving intensely, yet losing tragically, so she learned that from now on…

She’ll start moving step by step. She’ll never ever make the mistake to rush in and jump from one to another relationship.

Because if there’s anything that she realized from the outcomes of her previous disastrous experiences, is that not every human individual is cut out to give love. Not everyone will have the ability to give you as much as you did.

That’s why we need to be careful to whom we present our heart and soul.

She’ll understand that you need your space and freedom as much as she needs her own. Because she’s aware that loving someone doesn’t mean possessing them. The second our love transforms in the superficial need for possession, it’s not love anymore. It’s our ego manifesting its wrath.

So, she burned herself on a love experience that she thought she could preserve it. The feeling that she had no power over his emotions made her weak and hopeless. But soon, she learned the true meaning behind the saying “if you love someone let them go.”

From that moment on, she promised to herself she won’t allow getting attached to every person that comes along.

She’ll put in an extra effort for a person that is worth it. No more one-sided, pretended relationships. No more wasted energy and time on people who clearly don’t deserve her. No more mistakes.

Even if it took an eternity, she’ll wait for that true, genuine love to find her. She’ll never again settle for less than fiery passion and a true, meaningful relationship.

She’ll be brutally honest, even if that hurts your feelings. For a long time, she was a victim of vicious, never-ending lies. Luckily, she got out of that harmful circle and promised to herself that she’ll never allow to be taken for granted and be subjected to fabricated “truths”.

She’ll always strive for sincerity even if that sometimes manifests her bluntness to the core.

She’ll be more cautious and heavy-guarded than other people. Once you meet her, you’ll realize that she hides behind an indestructible shining armor. Because the last time she put it down, she got herself injured. But, as you start to get to know her, you’ll learn more.

She’ll eventually feel safe to lay her soul in front of you and you’ll finally understand the reason behind her character. It’s your compassion and tenderness that will make her heal even faster.

But, despite everything else, she is the woman who’ll love you more than anything in this world.

Because when you reach that point when she finally trusts you enough to open her heart to you, she’ll tear those walls down and let herself love madly. And deeply.

It’ll be difficult and hard to help her overcome her fears and it’ll require a lot of patience, but if you end up being that person for her, she’s going to give you everything.

She’ll love you more than anyone you’ve ever met.

Stephanie Reeds


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