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Being Intelligent Is More Than Having Quick Wits And A Sharp Mind


There’s a big difference between being intelligent and being smart.

If you ask me,  having a sharp mind and quick wits have very little to do with being smart. These two terms are completely different. The first one can be characterized as book smarts and the other as street smarts. Now the people who possess the book smarts have a very academically focused mind but they lack common sense.

The street smarts, on the other hand, are individuals that know their way with people. They are good with the real world out there, but not too good when it comes to academic knowledge. People who possess the street smarts are people who use their intelligence to handle life, adapt to every given situation and grow…

Here’s why being intelligent is more than having a sharp mind:

1. These people always think before they speak. People with street smarts are very careful with their words. They know that a single word can hurt more than a fist. That’s why they never speak their mind without thinking first. They’ll pause the conversation if they need to, but they will never ever tell you something that they don’t actually mean.

2. They are not afraid of making a mistake. They are aware that mistakes are what make us human. That no matter how flawless we might try to be, we cannot always avoid choosing the wrong things for us. Sometimes they are meant to happen to us for a reason. To teach us something. To help us grow. To make us stronger.

3. They trust their guts. The only thing that these people rely on is their own intuition. Nothing is more accurate than the inner voice inside their souls.

4. They respect people’s differences and appreciate their opinions. Because there’s no right or wrong. There’s no black and white. Each and every single one of us has the right to their own opinion. The fact that is different doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

5. They think and decide for themselves. People with street smarts don’t let anyone define their path in life. They don’t let other people’s ideas create their own reality. They follow their own rules and create the life of their dreams.

6. They like to help others. Unlike most people who focus on criticizing those who fail, individuals with street smarts choose to act differently. They choose to help. To offer their take on a situation before instead of blaming someone for making a mistake.

7. They don’t care what you really think of them. These people are too self-sufficient to really give a damn what someone thinks of them. They don’t need people’s validation and they don’t need to be approved by others to feel good. They do what feels right to them as long as that doesn’t make others suffer.

What do you think?

Stephanie Reeds