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Being In A Relationship With A Selfish Person Is Emotionally Exhausting


We all have moments in which we behave selfishly in our romantic relationships. But, when your partner behaves this way and then they apologize to you for it and do their best to make it up to you, there’s no issue. BUT, when immature, fickle, self-centered, or inconsiderate behavior becomes the norm for them, then, my friend, there is an issue.

Being in a relationship with a selfish person means being in a one-sided relationship. It means being with someone who has no regard for your feelings and wishes and who doesn’t respect your needs. It means being with someone who is solely focused on themselves and their concerns.

Here are 6 signs that you’re in a relationship with a selfish person:

1. Your partner is oblivious to your needs.

To maintain a healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship, it’s essential to consider your partner’s needs, feelings, wishes, and desires. It’s essential to pay attention to what they need and know what pleases them.

So, if your partner always prioritizes their own feelings, needs, and wishes over yours, then you are certainly not at the top of their priority list.

2. Your partner expects you to listen to them vent, but they rarely offer the same in return.

When you’re truly in love with someone, you’re supposed to let them know that they can always share their worries and problems with you and that you’ll always take their side when the world feels cruel. You’re supposed to make them feel understood and cherished, since that’s what genuine emotional intimacy is all about.

So, if your partner becomes bored instantly, or if they act like you’re a drag when you begin to tell them about your awful day, this can be a clear sign that you’re in a relationship with an entirely self-centered person.

3. Your partner is controlling.

Does your partner ever ask what you want to do over the weekend? Or do they dictate what you two do over the weekend or on a daily basis without any regard for your wishes? Does your partner expect you to follow certain rules concerning what you can and what you can’t do? Do you often feel like you have to tip-toe around them or think about how best to please them?

Well, if you answered all of the above-mentioned questions with a yes, then this may be a sure sign that your partner is a controlling and incredibly selfish person.

4. Your partner gives you the silent treatment instead of talking your relationship problems out in a mature and polite way.

Disagreements and arguments are an inseparable part of romantic relationships. Couples that are in healthy and happy relationships are willing to tackle tough conversations in a polite and mature manner. Instead of sweeping their relationship problems under the carpet or avoiding taking responsibility for their mistakes, they talk their issues out and take responsibility for their actions.

So, if your partner refuses to talk to you when you’re hurt or mad at them, thereby putting you through a lot of distress, this may be an obvious sign that they’re utterly selfish.

5. Your partner often accuses you of being selfish.

The truth is that we hardly put up with traits in other people that we don’t like about ourselves. So, what your partner really means when they accuse you of being the selfish one in your relationship is that you aren’t meeting their selfish preferences.

6. Your partner insists that they’re right about everything all the time.

If your partner is always giving weight to just their own point of view, this shows a strong degree of selfishness. By always insisting that their perspective is the correct one, they’re actually telling you that they’re in fact only in this relationship so as to get their own needs met, with little or no regard for yours.

So, if you’re really in a relationship with this kind of person, then, I’m sorry to break it to you, but they aren’t a partner at all.

Riley Cooper