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Being Faithful Is More Than Not Cheating – Here’s What Being Loyal Really Means

Being Faithful Is More Than Not Cheating

Being faithful is not sleeping with your partner only and telling them ‘I love you.’ It is so much more than that. Being truly faithful to your partner means choosing them every single day and putting an effort to show them how much you value them.

Being faithful is wanting to spend most of your time with your partner and build on your relationship than going out drinking with your friends and flirting with other people. Being truly committed to someone means telling the whole world that.

Being faithful means openly and honestly communicating with your partner about everything. It means letting your partner know about all the things that bother you and finding a solution together to overcome any problem.

Being truly faithful to your partner means telling them all the details that happened to you during the day, including that guy/girl that was hitting on you, but you told them you are not interested because your heart is already taken.

Being faithful means to know what your boundaries and the boundaries of your partner are, and never overstepping them.

No one can stop you from going out and spending time with people from the opposite sex, but if you are hiding your phone because you don’t want your partner to see the texts with another person, then it is clearly something going on there. How do you think your partner would feel if they find about that? You wouldn’t want to hurt them like that.

Therefore, please remember that being faithful means never hurting your partner. It means not letting someone else into your mind and heart because you already have a special someone.

Being truly faithful means being entirely happy and satisfied when you think of spending your whole life with your partner.

It means not falling into pressure to flirt with the person who has been checking you out the whole night just because all your friends do it and they don’t consider that as cheating. True loyalty is thinking with your head instead of your impulses.

Loyalty is so hard to find nowadays, and truly genuine and faithful people don’t come by often. Be genuine and loyal. No person deserves to be manipulated and cheated on. If you don’t love your partner, tell them. But don’t toy with their emotions. Don’t betray their trust.

And remember: there is nothing better than having someone loyal in our life that we can hold their hand until we die.

Mary Wright