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Be Grateful For Everything You Have, Everyone You Know, And Everything You Are

Be Grateful For Everything You Have, Everyone You Know, And Everything You Are

What is it about us, humans that we take life granted?

Do we really have so much to choose from, so many opportunities and chances nowadays, that we find it hard to appreciate even the smallest of blessings?

Have we really lost the part of us that makes us human?

Honestly, it pains me to say this, but we live in a sad, sad world. We no longer cherish the simple joys of everyday life. We no longer notice moments. We don’t see the value in these small fragments of life. We no longer express gratitude for what we experience…

So, this is me trying to make that change. This is me trying to get you to open your eyes.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all our emotions. The more we focus on expressing it daily, the more likely we’ll have even more to be grateful for…

1. The present moment is the only moment available to you. It is the only thing that really matters right now. The only thing that we have. So, why not be grateful for it? Why not embrace it with both hands and cherish all the blessings that life gives you? You are alive. You are breathing. The sun shining. The birds are chirping. Your whole house smells of cookies. Your bed is warm. There’s a butterfly in your room. It’s all happening right now at this moment. And it is up to you whether you’ll savor the moment or you’ll just let it slip away…

2. You already have more than enough. If you are alive, have a warm bed, a solid roof over your head and kind, loving people to support you, you, my friend, are richer than many people out there. You have more than you need. You have it all. 

3. The more you express gratitude, the more positivity you attract in your life. I dare you to try it. I dare you to start practicing it, starting today. They say you attract what you reflect. So, do it. Remind yourself of everything that you have in your life. Remind yourself of everything that you’ve been through. All of these things and experiences have made you the person you are today.

4. Gratitude gives you the strength to forgive. It enhances your empathy and releases you from your built up aggression. Every experience that we go through on our journey, no matter how good or bad, is nothing more than a lesson that we need to learn to move on. That is something that we should always be grateful for. Remember, growth never happens in our comfort zones.

5. It opens the door to new relationships. It’s no rocket science. Gratitude makes us happier, nicer, more positive and more appreciative of the people and things we have in life. As a result, it improves and strengthens our relationship and helps us attract new, positive people into our lives. It’s a classic case of a domino effect. The more grateful and positive you become, the more greatness you attract and the more light you bring into your life.

6. Gratitude helps you sleep at night. Both literally and figuratively. Not only does it decreases pain, stress and increases your sleep quality, gratitude also gives you peace of mind. There is an inner serenity that develops when you start to express gratitude daily. Your mind becomes calmer, you release yourself from all the expectations and you just embrace life as it is.

7. Being grateful for every experience in life is the key to finding happiness. And how could it not? Being grateful is rewiring your brain and training your mind to see positivity in everyday life. It is seeing the good in every situation and choosing hope instead of despair. It is shifting your energy and attracting more of what you really want in life. So, be grateful. Whatever you go through, be thankful for your experiences. Because everything that happens to you happens for a reason. It is exactly what you are ready to receive at that very moment. Accept it. Learn from it. Release it.

Stephanie Reeds