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Be Grateful Even When It Is Too Hard To Find Something To Be Grateful For


It may be hard and truly challenging to find a reason to believe in hard times like these. It may feel completely illogical to find a silver lining and have faith that the future has good things in store for you.

You may even start to think that you will never get out of this situation ever. You may start to lose hope. You may feel like there is no point in praying, believing, and having faith that in the end things will always turn out the way they are meant to be.

However, you mustn’t let fear take its toll on you. You mustn’t let it cage you and rob you of your sanity. You mustn’t lose yourself in all that madness. Especially not now. Now, when more than ever, you need to constantly remind yourself of all your blessings. Now, when more than ever, you need to learn to practice gratitude. Now, when more than ever, you need to search for the light no matter how dark the place that you are right now is.

I remember the days. Vividly. I remember being confined in my home, crying for days, and wondering why. Why it all happened as it did… Why did it have to affect me and the ones I love… Why is this year so hard on us… Why it suddenly feels like the world is falling apart…

I also remember how difficult it was for me to accept the new normal. How I struggled to get through the day. The truth is, we were lucky enough to survive that experience and get out of it alive and well. But I am aware that most people had it harder than I did and that some even lost a loved one in the process. I feel truly sorry for them.

But you know what? You cannot explain that to someone whose heart and soul have been taken over by fear. You cannot tell someone that their experience is least important than yours just because they’ve struggled more than you. You cannot compare people’s pains. Because you will never know how they really feel.

Which brings me back to my story… It was truly hard for me to find the light. But regardless of my struggles, I still did. Somehow I managed to remind myself that this is nothing more than just a lesson. An obstacle on the road that life has put there to help me understand some truths easier. To make me stronger, braver, and wiser.

Every time I practiced being in this holly state of gratitude, somehow, my energy and my faith combined disrupted the fear pattern that was tearing my world apart.  And I was instantly better. When I couldn’t leave my room and hug the ones I loved, I simply looked out of the window and stared at the world outside. I would find a sunny place in my room and meditate for hours. I would let the sun wash over me and remind me that life isn’t so bad after all. And that the light I was so desperately trying to find was always there. To give me hope, to lift me up, to make me feel like myself again.

That’s how I made it. How I got up and kept moving forward. How I abandoned my fears and realized that I am stronger than I know. By being grateful even when life made it really hard for me to find something to be grateful for. By holding onto the small string of light amidst the darkness. By believing when it was too hard to do so… By hoping when it felt like the whole world is tearing itself into pieces.

And that is why I am certain that you will make it too. Because it’s not all dark. Even when it feels that way. There is a light that never goes out. You just have to believe and dig deeper.

Stephanie Reeds