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Be Good To Others Not Because They Are Good To You But Because That’s Your Nature

be good

I love good people. I love people whose soul is pure and gentle. People who do anything in their power to help others.

I love people who help other people find a job by recommending them to someone they know, or simply by liking their Linkedin post and sharing it.

I love people who always try to see the good in others. People who always look on the bright side and are eternal optimists. People who always have a nice word to say to anyone they meet and whose smile brightens their day. We need more people like them.

I love recruiters who are willing to take risks to give someone a chance to prove their capabilities. I love humble people, people who regardless of their success treat everyone the same. People who respect everyone and not just the ones they want to impress.

I love people who maintain their integrity regardless of the circumstances. People who are honest and truthful to their word no matter the pressure they are facing because they understand that having clean conscience is priceless.

Do good to others not because of who they are, but because of who you are

I love people who stand up for those that cannot stand for themselves. People that defend every person equally and fight for their rights, especially for those that have lost their voice or are afraid to speak up.

I love people who are not ashamed or scared to admit they have made a mistake. We are human, we all make mistakes. However, a good person will always admit to their mistakes and do everything to correct them before they hurt someone with their actions.

I love people who lift up others whenever they fall. People who give them hand and inspire them to try again and build themselves up. People who are like angels to those who have lost all their hope in a better tomorrow.

I love people who don’t let a day go by without helping someone without expecting anything in return.

And mostly, I love people like you – people who refuse to give up, people who always give 110% of themselves in everything they do, people with warm hearts and gentle souls.

Mary Wright